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I love KD's game and what all skill he has developed at such a young age. He is literally a force right now. However, my question is, can he be the MAN of the league. I know so many of you have LeBron penciled in for this and won't even begin to question that. Thats fine, he's great, but Durrant is so very polished at an incredibly young age. At this point it's hard to tell, but I think he does have "IT". I realize LeBron is almost a walking triple double. Although that is hard to compete against, Durrant could have something that LeBron won't, and that is his ability to impose whatever he wants offensively. He's athletic, long, smooth stroke, great kid, obvious drive, & many more things. My point is, who can guard him in a few years.
My favorite part about KD, is the simple fact that his jumper is pure. He seems like something beyond a match up nightmare, I'm not even sure what you would call it. Let's say the games on the line, I know KD will be able to get whatever shot he wants (which will put him into superstardom), but if and when he starts drawing those doubles, if he can develop the ability to hit the open man, to me personally it seems he could be as good. If not better (not possible to the LeBron lovers).
I'm asking you to step out of your security shelters here and actually contemplate this. I'm not stating it as fact, so don't get it twisted, just seeing if anyone else thinks its possible.

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I could honestly see some

I could honestly see some Thunder vs. whatever team LeBron ends up with (Cleveland?) Finals in a few years. KD does have a smooth stroke and LeBron struggles guarding shooters. IMO he is much more comfortable playing defense with a guy who will make a quick move toward the rim or someone who backs him down since his athleticism and length can usually negate these. If KD can develop a better all-around game like he had in college it is concievable that he could pass LeBron. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing and comparing the greats to current stars. We all say no one will pass MJ but here we are still comparing Kobe and LeBron to him. Bowen and Battier are the 2 best perimeter defenders to me in the League right now, with Ariza, Hinrich, Rondo, Artest, Prince, Odom and such on a second tier. Bowen and Battier will probably be long gone by the time KD hits his prime. I see Ariza, Odom or Prince as potential matchup problems for KD with their length but that's about it. The thing that I like about KD and LeBron is that it seems both are set to turn struggling franchises around instead of bolting for a more successful one (LeBron seems to want to stay in Cleveland, just my opinion). But in answer to your question, yes, I do believe KD could overtake LeBron but I'm not sold on the fact that it is going to happen.

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