Nike EYBL Session 2

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 7:55am

AAU season is underway and the second session of the Nike EYBL in Indianapolis displayed many high-level players. Here are a few that made an impression.

RJ Barrett 6’7 180 SG/SF – UPLAY Canada 2019

RJ BarrettRJ BarrettDespite averaging 25.8 points and 10.8 rebounds, Barrett didn’t have his best showing in his EYBL season debut. He constantly attacked but didn’t convert consistently and struggled handling contact. The absence of Andrew Nembhard and point guard presence was evident as UPLAY averaged 12 turnovers per game to their eight assists per game. The offense didn’t have ideal flow and Barrett forced much of his scoring, sometimes getting bailed out with free throws while other times missing layups. Barrett displayed high level athleticism and covers much ground in a few dribbles, although sometimes he jumps from too far out. He landed a poster dunk in his game against Southern Stampede to give a glimpse of his talent level. We saw the negative side of Barrett’s streaky shooting 43.4% from the field, 31.6% from three, and 52.5% from the free throw line. UPLAY Canada went 1-3 in Indianapolis and sits 1-7 overall.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 25.8, RPG: 10.8, APG: 2.5, TOPG: 3.5, FG%: 43.4%, 3P%: 31.6%, FT%: 52.5%

Vernon Carey 6’10 245 PF – Nike Team Florida 2019

Carey had an impressive weekend, showing versatility and high skillset. He’s strong with very good mobility as he likes to play on the perimeter at times. He can defend multiple positions, showing ability to blocks shots and move his feet on the perimeter. The left handed forward shows a lot of potential with touch around the rim and shooting 40% from behind the arc. Nike Team Florida went 1-3 in session two and 4-4 overall.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 18.8, RPG: 8, BPG: 2, TOPG: 2.3, FG%: 51%, 3P%: 38.5%, FT%: 75%
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 17.6, RPG: 7.2, BPG: 1.6, TOPG: 2.4, FG%: 54.5%, 3P%: 40.9%, FT%: 71.1%

Balsa Koprivica 7’1 245 C – Nike Team Florida 2019

Although he’s not very quick, Koprivica has great mobility and advanced understanding of the game. Unlike most big men who can shoot, he doesn’t settle on the perimeter. For a high school sophomore, he has a polished low post game, knows how to use his body, and very accurate touch. He reads double teams and passes very well. He has a face up game but for whatever reason is struggling from the free throw line shooting 47.1%. However, from the floor, he’s shooting a blistering 76.2%. He doesn’t play alongside Carey too much as they often sub in for each other. He’s only playing around 16 minutes a game which is only half as the games are 32 minutes long, averaging nine points and 5.8 rebounds. He positions himself well defensively, although he’s foul prone, he blocks shots at a high rate at 1.9 per game. Koprivica had a tremendous game against UPlay Canada with 20 points while shooting 9-11 and blocking five shots.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 11, RPG: 5.8, BPG: 2.3, FG%: 76%, FT%: 50%
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 9, RPG: 5.8, BPG: 1.9, FG%: 76.2%, FT%: 47.1%

Darius Garland 6’2 170 PG – Bradley Beal Elite 2018

Garland played well showing his ability to impact the game through scoring and distributing without forcing his will. He draws a lot of fouls, currently shooting over five free throws per game and shoots 86.7% from the line. He lacks ideal size and isn’t the most explosive athlete but shoots well from three at 40% but where he does most damage is in the midrange whether it’s a floater or pull up. His ball handling and lead guard skills are on par with the best in the class, with his ability to use screens, split the defense, and get wherever he chooses to go. Garland and Brad Beal Elite went 2-2 over the weekend and have a 5-3 record.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 21.3, APG: 5.8, FG%: 56%, 3P%: 33.3%, FT%: 85.7%
EYBL averages (7 games): PPG: 17.5, APG: 5.5, FG%: 55.6%, 3P%: 40.7%, FT%: 86.7%

James Wiseman 6’11 210 PF – Bradley Beal Elite 2019

Wiseman is making a push as the top big man in a loaded 2019 class. He was tested against Nike Team Florida’s two elite bigs Vernon Carey and Balsa Koprivica where he finished with 19 points and eight rebounds to get the win. His mobility, fluidity, and coordination are advanced. Although he can shoot from outside, he doesn’t settle as he’s only taken two three-pointers over his eight games and is willing post up almost literally every play. He shows confidence around the basket with either hand and very good touch. He stays constantly alert and active which is beneficial playing with Garland. Wiseman hasn’t started adding strength yet but isn’t behind schedule either.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 12, RPG: 7.3, BPG: 1.8, FG%: 60.6%, FT%: 66.7%
EYBL averages (7 games): PPG: 11.6, RPG: 8, BPG: 1.6, FG%: 62.5%, FT%: 60%

Marvin Bagley 6’11 225 PF – Nike Phamily 2018

Marvin BagleyMarvin BagleyBagley is leading the league in points (26.9), rebounds (14.7), but also turnovers (4.4). It’s at the halfway point in the EYBL season and Phamily has yet to win a game. Like UPLAY, his team is lacking a point guard and someone to find Bagley on offense. Of the games in Indianapolis, the only close loss was to Houston Hoops by four, losing by an average of 17.5 points over the four games. He did show elite athleticism, finishing everything around the rim, and tip slamming some of his own misses with quick anticipation and second jump. There were a few stretches in each game where he would run the point, while he does have the ability he needs to tighten up his ball handling. Defensively, he’s improved as a shot blocker with his timing and his will to chase down more shots. His best game was against Houston Hoops with 27 points, 21 rebounds, and four blocks. Obviously, Bagley’s a tremendous talent with undeniable size, athleticism, and almost infinite upside.

Session 2 averages (3 games): PPG: 28.7, RPG: 16, BPG: 2.7, TOPG: 3.7, FG%: 54.4%, 3P%: 21.4%, FT%: 72.4%
EYBL averages (7 games): PPG: 26.9, RPG: 14.7, BPG: 2.9, TOPG: 4.4, FG%: 55.7%, 3P%: 20.6%, FT%: 73.2%

Jaylen Hoard 6’8 200 SF – Team CP3 2018

After growing up in France, Hoard’s in his first AAU season. He started out slow, shooting 2-7 against Team Penny and 0-9 against Bradley Beal Elite. He followed up with a 20-point outing against Nike Team Florida where he knocked down back to back three-pointers and went on a scoring run in the second half in the win. Hoard shows good athleticism and ability but isn’t getting as many shots as some of his more aggressive teammates. His shooting needs to improve, from both free throw and three, as well as his ball handling. I’ve seen Hoard in other settings where he’s shined and I believe he can be one of the better players in the class. Team CP3 went 3-1 and currently sit at 6-2.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 10.8, RPG: 5.3, TOPG: 2.3 turnovers, 36.2%, 3P%: 38.5%, FT%: 50%
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 9.4, RPG: 5.5, TOPG: 2.2, FG%: 40.3%, 3P%: 29.4%, FT%: 68.8%

Coby White 6’5 185 PG/SG – Team CP3 2018 (North Carolina)

White has excelled as a shooter and scorer. He’s showing confidence, getting to the free throw line, and knocking down shots from outside. He played solid defensively showing good quickness and anticipation. He shot 47% from three and 57.4% from the field over his four game while posting back to back 29 point games.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 23.3, APG: 2.8, SPG: 1.8, FG%: 57.4%, 3P%: 47%, FT%: 74.2%
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 20.9, APG: 2.8, SPG: 1.2, FG%: 55.9%, 3P%: 36.4%, FT%: 69.6%

Jontay Porter 6’10 215 PF – MOKAN Elite 2018

Porter and MOKAN Elite are currently undefeated after winning Peach Jam last year. After shaking off his first game where he went 1-14, he put together a nice weekend. He forced much of his offense and has been turnover prone but when they haven’t lost a game while averaging a double-double with three blocks per game, there isn’t much to fault. He can score inside and out, while stepping into a much bigger role with Michael Porter and Trae Young graduating.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 18.5, RPG: 12.8, APG: 3, BPG: 3.5, SPG: 1, FG%: 40%, 3P%: 33.3%, FT%: 73.5%
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 18.9, RPG: 12.9, APG: 2.9, BPG: 3.1, SPG: 1.1, FG%: 50%, 3P%: 43.2%, FT%: 71.4%

Javonte Smart 6’4 185 PG – Houston Hoops 2018

Smart can do it all. He can improve his shot but can score from anywhere on the floor. His ability to change speeds with the ball and stay composed under pressure is impressive. He plays through contact and gets to the free throw line frequently where he shoots 80%. His ability to play either guard position as well as play on or off the ball make him valuable. He had a big game against Nike Phamily with 20 points, eight rebounds, six assists, and three steals. Smart led Houston Hoops to a 2-2 record in Indianapolis and 5-8 overall.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 15.3, APG: 4.3, SPG: 0.8, TOPG: 3, FG%: 37.5%, 3P%: 23.5%, FT%: 80.8%
EYBL averages (7 games): PPG: 13.6, APG: 4.9, SPG: 1.5, TOPG: 2.5, FG%: 44.2%, 3P%: 29.7%, FT%: 80%

Cameron Reddish 6’8 205 SG – Team Final 2018

Cameron ReddishCameron ReddishAfter putting behind his first game results against California Supreme when he shot 2-12 and missed all six of his three-point attempts, Reddish had a great weekend. He’s very quick with the ball and shifts quickly into another gear when he drives allowing him to beat his man almost at will. He changes directions with the ball and controls his defender. I caught his game against MeanStreets where he finished with 35 points, showing off his step back and ability to pull up off the dribble going 6-10 from downtown. His perimeter skills and athleticism are well advanced as he can create for himself with ease. Reddish is making the game look easy going 3-1 over the weekend giving Team Final a 4-4 record.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 24.3, RPG: 6.8, SPG: 1.3, BPG: 1.3, FG%: 51.8%, 3P%: 46.4%, FT%: 76.5
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 23.8, RPG: 8.2, SPG: 1.5, BPG: 1.4, FG%: 45%, 36.5%, FT%: 71.8%

Bol Bol 7’2 225 C – California Supreme 2018

Calling Bol a big-time talent is an understatement. He’s very skilled with fluidity, athleticism, and versatility. He scored a total of 119 points in his four games in Indianapolis and only missed 15 shots, shooting 75%. He’s got a low release point on his jump shot and he knows he needs to make it higher but the results are undeniable. To sum up his three-point shooting: Game 1 4-6, Game 2 4-5, Game 3 2-2. As expected, he’s rebounding and blocking shots with nine and three per game respectively. I only saw one game of Bol but it was enough to know he’s going to be putting pressure on that number one spot. California Supreme went 3-1 and sit at 6-2 on the season.

Session 2 averages (4 games): PPG: 29.8, RPG: 9.8, BPG: 2.8, TOPG: 2.5, FG%: 75%, 3P%: 71.4%, FT%: 86.4%
EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 25.4, RPG: 9, BPG: 3, TOPG: 2.4, FG%: 66.4%, 3P%: 53.6%, FT%: 84.2%

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