Registered a long time ago, but only recently have been looking at the forum
and its one of the best place to talk bball
so.. heres mine

PG- Magic: at 6’9, he can play all 5 positions
Chris Paul: imagine what would he do if he was 6’3 or taller.
SG- MJ, and Kobe: both of them are on another level, others are not even close, however, MJ is still a level higher than Kobe.
SF- Larry Bird: never watched any of his games, but heard he was good
LeBron James: dont really like him personally, but couldnt think of anyone else at the moment
PF- Barkley: because he is 6’5, and still punishing alot of bigger guys
Tim, KG, and Malone, a tie: there are really alot of outstanding PFs in the history
C- Wilt: he scored 100 points, and averaged 50 points in a single season..
SHAQ: From his early days in Orlando, to his era in LA, he is the best player in the league after MJ left.