I am a huge Knicks fan, too.

I think it’s going to be either Mudiay or Winslow, and Mudiay may and should end up being the most logical pick for us.  

Why?  Knicks need a PG who can penetrate and get to the rim, someone to compliment Jose Calderon (lets face it, he aint going no where).  Calderon lacks foot speed, and lacks the ability to penetrate makes it difficult for other guys to score.  However, Calderon is an excellent 3pt shooter, he should compliment well with Mudiay (inconsistent from the pereimeter at this early stage of his career).  Not to mention Mudiay has higher ceiling than almost everyone in this draft, do you really want to pass up on a talented / big PG like Mudiay?  Probably not.  I would and i think Knicks would gamble on this kid.

Why not Winslow?  While I like his game, winslow doesn’t make much sense for Knicks because Knicks already have multiple players who play SG / SF, Tim Haradway Jr, Galloway and Early. Winslow may be better than all of them, but is he worth the pick?  he’s undersized (only measured 6’4.5" off shoes, almost as tall as Mudiay), and he’s not a good ball handler and pereimeter shooter, makes him too small to play SF in pro, and too inconsistent to play SG in pro, but the worst problem for Knicks is that we have way too many wings play… simply not enough "play making" PG.

WCS is defintely not worth the pick, although he possesses the defensive abaility to make impact, his ceiling on the offensive end is too limited.  it’s not difficult to acquire a big via FA, given Knicks have almost $30m to spend in FA, i think they would just get a big via FA.

That’s my 2 cents, and i hope i am right because Knicks cannot afford to miss this time.  Thanks for reading.