Zoran Dragic

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Zoran Dragic

With all the hype his brother got this year from the playoffs i figure scouts will pay more attention to him this upcoming season since he will be automatically eligible for the 2011 draft.

He is a 6'4 combo guard whose game is pretty much a poor mans version of what his brother showed late this year. Most of his points come from slashing(to the left mostly) since his shot from mid-range and out is pretty inconsistent. He is a good defender and a great rebounder for a guard.

This season for Geoplin Slovan Ljubljana he put up 15.8 ppg. When looking at his shooting % you can see what i mean about inconsistency from long range, he averaged 67.2% from inside the 3-point line, but 20.4% from outside and 61.5% from the free throw line. I would say at best he could be a late draft pick next season (50-undrafted most likely)

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Rivers is fearless and

Rivers is fearless and dangerous from the outside. I know he can be careless with the ball and he sometimes dribbles too much, but I think he will get even better with more experience. Curry and Dawkins are probable the two of the best shooters in college basketball this year.

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