zion williamson comparison

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zion williamson comparison

to rodney rogers in the mock? not sure i get that

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It's obvious that the

It's obvious that the comparison is Becuz both r undersized powerfully built power forwards. But Zion overall is a better athlete. He Doesn't have the Barkley's basketball iq, feel for the game or vision. But his ability to get inside battle for a defensive rebound against taller & bigger players.And then get out in transition to ignite a fast break or finish at the rim,reminds me of Barkley. He's a guy I'm going to follow a lot this season. Depending on his growth. He could be a top 5 pick or Mid 1st rounder. Interesting that if he makes it to the nba, at 285 he'll be the 2nd heaviest player behind Boban of the Clippers.

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I dont think Boban is the

I dont think Boban is the only players playing over 285 lbs right now in the nba. The weight of the team official website can be misleading. Example: Drummond weight at the his combine was 278 lbs with a 7% body fat without never lifting, no way he is under 285 lbs right now ( the pistons list him at 279). Im sure their is other examples like this.

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Just to give you an idea, on

Just to give you an idea, on Twitter, a guy covering the Pistons posted "Drummond sheds 20 lbs this summer, feels lighter on his feet, down to 285 lbs"

So he played last year at 305.

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Most probably know Rodney

Most probably know Rodney Rogers as an undersized, overweight stretch 4, but people forget he could thrown down in his earlier days too. Obviously not quite at the level Zion does, but I think that’s what the folks on this site were thinking. It’s a little obtuse a comparison for my taste, but it’s not terrible. Personally, I don’t see the need to compare Zion to anyone. There really hasn’t been anyone like him at the high school level and considering we haven’t really seen what he’s fully capable of yet, I don’t think it makes sense to put him in a box.

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Larry Johnson is a good comp,

Larry Johnson is a good comp, maybe a less skilled Barkley. Clarence Weatherspoon when he was still super athletic??

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I like the Larry Johnson

I like the Larry Johnson comparison as well.

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Remember T-Rex? On his

Remember T-Rex?
On his youtube channel he uploaded a video explaining his concerns about Zion and compared him to Guerschon Yabusele
He also uploaded videos on why Curry and LeBron hate white people so take his word with a grain of salt

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Right now, it’s a consensus

Right now, it’s a consensus split-decision on Larry Johnson and Rodney Rogers, but for the time being I will stick to DeJuan Blair.

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The Human Highlight Real is

The Human Highlight Real is the closest comparison...

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There have been guys who were

There have been guys who were built like him and super athletic, but not at the likes of Duke or Kentucky. Jason Maxiell was a freak, but was at Cincy. Julius Peppers was at UNC, but was always known as a football player. Patric Young went to Florida with highlight reel dunks and jumps that could rival Williamson, though despite a really muscular build didn't have quite the weight. Chane Behanan was close in size and athleticism, but his career was derailed by off-the-court stuff. Draymond Green was shorter and lighter at Michigan State, and even after four years, multiple Final Four appearances, and multiple Big Ten titles, incredibly filled stat lines, undeniable skills, and was still a 2nd round pick. What seems to be unique about Zion is that how he is built doesn't seem to be a concern for anyone. Maybe that is fair. It is also possible that he gets into ACC play, and gets humbled by bigger and longer opposition that don't allow him the space to get off the ground.

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