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Zhou Qi

What about this guy? He is 17, 2 years ago had some monster 40-20-10 games in a tournament in Germany, but he was extremely lean back then. He reportedly stands at 7'2 now and his frame does not look that bad (probably around 215-220 lbs), nor does his game.. I know that there are guys that know their scouting better than me in here, so I'd like to listen to some thoughts or opinions, I think he is definitely top-10 material for a big man if he decides to go to college.


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Wow extremely good lateral

Wow extremely good lateral quickness for such a big guy.

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Woaah :O How.. did you just

Woaah :O How.. did you just say he is 17? Dayum

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I like what I saw. If he can

I like what I saw. If he can consistently hit those mid-range jump shots, paired with the skyhook, he could be a great big man. He just needs to get more muscle to bang down low. But yeah, he looked good.

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Is he actually 17 though? Or

Is he actually 17 though? Or is it like with 90% of other Chinese players where they're "17" and actually years older? I remember when Yi Jianlian came out there where heaps of questions about his age and being older then what he said.

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I saw him in that tournament,

I saw him in that tournament, which was in Turkey btw not Germany, and he was insanely good for a player his size and age. He blocked every single shot in the paint and made every single jumpshot and freethrow, but as you said was thin as &$#%#[email protected]!. Haven't seen him since so don't know how he has progressed.
The thing is in a tournament couple months back he was still the same size as 2 years ago. So there is the question mark about his age, since it's not uncommon for chinese players to have faked age.

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