Zeke wants LBJ to be in NYK--- How Ironic...

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Zeke wants LBJ to be in NYK--- How Ironic...
That’s it! That’s the ticket to getting LeBron in New York! Isiah Thomas, who was all but run out of the city after his dreadful stint as the team’s president of basketball operations and head coach, said he thought The King should continue his career in the Big Apple. According to the AP, Thomas, who led the Pistons to two NBA titles and is now the head coach at Florida International University, said New York offers the biggest stage and would provide LeBron with his greatest challenge. The Hall of Famer said having The King in New York would be great for the league. Um. Yeah. Bet Donnie is loving this endorsement. If LeBron is smart, he'll do the opposite... First of, Zeke is the one who created this "greatest challenge" in New York and Donnie Walsh has to get rid of all that mess which was never easy...

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Yeah i'm sure this has a lot

Yeah i'm sure this has a lot of impact seriously. Also some of Isiah's crazy moves are to blamed on Dolan who gave him full power to do whatever he wanted.

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Smart Move

If Lebron goes to NY, the quicker people start to forget about Isiah and his mistakes. If Lebron wins a championship that is what people will be talking about, not how Isiah helped to ruin the team. If Lebron goes and doesn't win, then the fingers start getting pointed at Lebron. It's win-win for Isiah.

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