zack vs Per

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zack vs Per

According to hoopshype

Perk and Zach maybe had a scuffule after being tossed out the game in the 4th quater.

Darnell Mayberry: After getting ejected in the 4th quarter, Kendrick Perkins & Zach Randolph had an alteration near the locker rooms. Police investigating. Twitter @DarnellMayberry

If a fight ever occured who would your money be on.

Iam taking Zach , by the way had 20 and 11 in the Big win.

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I don't know Zach Randolph

I don't know Zach Randolph personally, but I've ran into him quite a few times and heard a lot of things about him... I ran into him at a few parties during college, while he was visiting his girlfriend.

I can tell you that he's little bark and all bite. He's a coo dude, but he's a thug lol.

Kendrick Perkins to me just seems like a guy who's all bark, but no bite... I'm not buying his tough guy stuff. I think Randolph would F him up.

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Yeah dude, i would for sure

Yeah dude, i would for sure take Zach. I think Jalen put it best when he said "they don't call him Z-Bo for nothin". Also, if you watched the game, right before they got ejected you could hear Zach say "i'ma beat yo a$$!". I was crackin up

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No Big Perk is not a punk by a longshot but, truthfully Z-Bo is a thug. I have friends who are associates of Z-Bo and he lives that lifestyle daily. It's not backdown in him at all. A good person, but if he feels disrespected he'll do something about.

Anyway, I was watching the game last night and knew something was going to happen outside. I heard Z-Bo say "Man I'll beat yo A$$!" Then they were ejected. I know im not the only that saw Perkins sprinting off the court, I joked that he was running to meet Zach in the halfway. Lol that actually was what happened

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Like you know him sure you do

Like you know him sure you do bruh everyone online believe you and no one ever lies online.

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