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Zach LaVine

So my guy Zach Kangaroo Bounce LaVine struggled a bit in the 24 games he played last season. Not a surprise to see his 3pt percentage drop tbh, but what bothered me was his 2pt% shooting. A player who has been at a mark of 48% for his career on 2's shooting it at only 40%. So his field goal percetage for the season was at a pathetic 38%. Now this could be due to the terrible product Chicago had on the floor around him, and coming back from an ACL injury you typically might be a bit rusty. Truthfully I feel as if the Bulls had to match the offer sheet the Kings gave him at 4 years and 78Mil Also it would be hard to lose the main piece in the Jimmy Butler trade after 24 games. So I understand what they did, even if I don't believe the kids quite worth it. For all we know not being the 3rd Option (In Minny) anymore with a better team around him this year being the number 2 with the chance to potentionally be the numero uno option for the Bulls the kid could really flourish like me and severally other thousand Bulls fans are hoping for. What are you guys thinking for his future though? and that contract he's signed for.

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