Youtube Mix Music

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Youtube Mix Music

Ive seen my share of youtube career and season mixes and I'm sure you guys have too. The mixes even make players like the White Mamba seem ike HOF's. But in every mix someone tries to pick the best music that fits their clips. I was wondering what songs you think fit youtube player mixes the best? I know random topic, but I spent like all day yesterday looking at random mixes lol

My favorite would be All of the just goes with everything haha

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I love Yinka Dare mixes with

I love Yinka Dare mixes with old school or just good quality hip-hop, like the Jason Williams mix with Atmosphere - Tryin' To Find A Balance is just great

I also love mixes with heavier music when it works, like these mixes of Rodman and Barkley:

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I really like this one about

I really like this one about Dennis Rodman. The song is ''Wild Thing'' but I don't know who's version is this but it sounds really good.

Also, this mix about Barkley and Shawn Kemp is dope. Altough, I can understand that if you are not a fan of heavier music you may not like but here the music and player highlights fit very very well.

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Lupe Fiasco makes music that

Lupe Fiasco makes music that goes great with mixes. Superstar, Show Goes On, Go To Sleep to name a few...

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I love E.S. Posthumus, this

I love E.S. Posthumus, this remix of run this town is sick.

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