Your worst / best player predictions......

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Your worst / best player predictions......

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong.

Time to own up - Who was your worst prediction ever ?

Ill go first - Ed 'Bannon - I loved this guy in college, I was sure he would make a great pro.

Best - I always thought Nick Van Exel would be a good player (taken 37th)

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Worst - Hasheem Thabeet - I

Worst - Hasheem Thabeet - I thought he could come in right away and be a big body, rebound, block shots, turned out to be a total bust so far.

Best - I loved watching Jrue Holiday at UCLA and was suprised he slipped to #17, turned out some good numbers in Philly too, still so young and I think he has a really bright future.

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Worst - Jon Deibler He has

Worst - Jon Deibler- He has turned into a great role player at Ohio st but i honestly thought he would be a rich mans J.J. Redick for the Buckeyes. Anyone that saw his stats in high school might have felt the same. As a senior he averaged 41.2 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 6 assists per game and destroyed Lebrons record.

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Best - Thabeet Worst -

Best - Thabeet

Worst - Brandan Wright

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Worse - I once tipped DeSanga

Worse - I once tipped DeSanga Diop and Darko Milicic to be leading contenders for MIP Award for 2006/07 season on another site.Also did an article how Chicago might use the 2006 number 2 pick they got from NY to try and get Antione Walker from Miami. Thought the AI trade would be better for Detroit than Denver.

Best - I pegged Victor Claver to be drafted by Portland for quite a while. Put Derrick Rose to top of my mocks before major sites did.

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worst - Russell Westbrook I

worst - Russell Westbrook

I saw the ridiculous athleticism and tenacios D...but he was the 4th best player on that UCLA final four team, was not a point guard in college (Collison was), had an average jumper at best.

best - Marcus Thornton

Watched him play a few times at LSU and was blown away -- dude could score as well as anyone I'd seen in college, they really didn't get him the ball enough. 6-4, so what. Scorers score. I felt very validated when he averaged something like 19.8 pph as a starter last season. Still can't play D, but I think he'll be a role player for a very good team at some point.

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Worst-Carlos Boozer. Another

Worst-Carlos Boozer. Another duke player who i hated and figured would be a bench player his whole career

Best-Mike Dunlevy. Duke player that i thought would be the next larry bird. Could defend, good athlete, long, jumper, handles, could pass. His career hasn't been bad though, he put up 20ppg before.

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Adam Morrison I knew he was

Adam Morrison I knew he was going to be a nothing and was pissed that Jordan took him.

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Best- Guys I thought should have been drafted higher
Michael Redd (Thought he was Lottery after OH St final 4 run), Jodie Meeks, Marcus Thornton, Gilbert Arenas, D.Blair

Worst- Thought Lebron would have ring by now, Didnt think Russel Westbrook/L. Aldridge were all-star talents (way wrong), Didn't think Boozer was gonna be a good pro.

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Worst - Harold Miner: Baby

Worst - Harold Miner: Baby Jordan was hyped as the Next......

Best-P.Pierce. Not that it was a surprise it's just that 8 teams passed on him. I thought he was one of the best players in the country. Although i did'nt like Kansas, i thought he was a great College Player with upside.

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Worst: I slammed Chicago to

Worst: I slammed Chicago to anybody who would listen for taking Derrick Rose over Michael Beasley

Best: I thought Bradon Roy (healthy) was the best player from the 2006 draft. Turns out I was right.

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Worst: Eddy Curry..I saw him

Worst: Eddy Curry..I saw him when he was a jr. in high school and thought he's be an all star 1 day...

Best: I felt Carlos Boozer should've went in the top 10...

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Best: I thought that Brandon

Best: I thought that Brandon Jennings would be one of the top point guards in his draft before the draft.

Worst: I thought that Acie Law was a potential future all star coming out of college. I loved his court presence, but it turns out he just didn't have the talent and athleticism to really make it.

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Worst: During his rookie

Worst: During his rookie year, I was convinced Kirk Hinrich would be an all-star someday.

Best: I figured Carlos Boozer would be a second round steal.

And I'm pretty sure I'm in the process of being proven correct that all Marcin Gortat needed was some playing time to flourish.

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Worst: see Memphis refused to

Worst: see Memphis refused to transfer the number 2 draft pick of the 2009 + Rudy Gay by Stoudemire, ending Tabeet elect instead ofRiky

Best: rookie year of Reke and Blake.

Kevin Durant.
To hope that Barnes is a superstar someday

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dont really have a best i

dont really have a best

i would say i kinda knew thabeet was not gnna be all that good

and worst i used to think when darko was a rookie he would be a superstar by now

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some of my worst: jerome

some of my worst:

jerome moiso UCLA, thought he had all the tools and would be a stud. In all my years of watching ucla basketball, i thought he was one of my top 3-4 prospects.

Sam clancy USC, he was an explosive athlete who played above the rim and could face up. Injury ended his rookie year and he never made it afterwards.

some of my best predictions:

said gilbert arenas was a lottery pick even when all the mocks had him going second round.

said mateen cleaves would fail in the nba and it blew my mind that a slow pg with no jumper was a lotto pick.

i defended jrue holiday on here in numerous arguments leading up to the draft.

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worst: i loved joey graham in

worst: i loved joey graham in college, his size, strength, versatility, etc....too bad he has very little offensive game and cant drive past anyone en route to the basket

best: i was 100% right when i yelld F*** out loud when the sonics drafted Saer Sene...couldn't even believe it. The worst thing i had ever seen.

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Saer Sene killed basketball

Saer Sene killed basketball in Seattle...jks lol.


-Predicted Andrea Bargnanis rebounds to boost up to about 7 with the departure of Bosh.

-Predicted Randy Foye would have a bounce back/career check similar to Chauncey Billups when he reached Washington.

-Thought Kyle Korver could of had a larger role, like something similar to Stojakovic's talents.

-Predicted Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to play together... in Toronto when Miami had a 1st overall pick and Toronto won there division.


-Liked Roy Hibberts potential more then Odens despite all the hype surrounding Big O, also almost wept when I found out the Raptors traded his rights for Jermaine Oneal.

-More weeping when Toronto selected Joey Grahm out of Oklaholma State before a large list of renowned players.

-My predictions on this years Most Improved Player, and Standings have been very close so far lol.

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Worst- I thought Ike Diagu

Worst- I thought Ike Diagu was going to be a double double threat in the pros, and I don't think he ever averaged more than 7 ppg.

Best - I was always high on Rajon Rondo coming out of college. He had a great wingspan and was a good defender even as a soph in college. I thought he was a steal at #21

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My best/worst


Would of bet my left arm Thabeet wouldnt be anything in the NBA, although most people thought that was as obvious as I did.

Lebron James leaving Cleveland, Knew since his sophmore year

Durant>Oden Rose>Beasley Thought every pick the bobcats make were horrible besides the trade for J rich

Saying the Morris Twins and Thomas Robinson would be first round picks when no sites considered him getting drafted

Ok so obviously im biased on the KU, but I put 100 dollars on them beating UNC by at least 10. The same UNC team that many people on this forum had the best team in the decade when they won the championship the next year, yet the exact same team got DESTROYED by KU the year before who won the champiship, at one time were up by over 40 against UNC. Yet that KU team got no love and didnt even make the top ten in best team in the decade? That team that had 6 nba players on it Chalmers, Rush , Arthur, Aldrich, Collins, Darnell Jackson plus Sasha Kaun who was drafted but went to play in Russia because they offered him more money. That team was the best defensive team of the decade if you ask me.

Worst: Thought Russell Westbrook was a bad pick

Never thought Steph Curry would do anything in the NBA

Thought Brandon Rush had 18 points a game in him.

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Worst- I really thought

Worst- I really thought Morris Almound would be the answer for the jazz at sg.

Best- I knew Matt Howard couldn't grow a real mustache.

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Worst-Darius Washington Jr.,

Worst-Darius Washington Jr., Rashad McCants, Tyrus Thomas, Joey Graham, Jerryd Bayless, Donte Green

Best-Durant over Oden, Rose over Beasley, Chris Paul as the best player from his class

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