Your top 5 in 2016

Your top 5 in 2016

The 2016 mock is up and clearly in it's developmental stages.

Having kept an eye on the top prospects in the class over the previous few months, I'd like to nominate my top 5 (in order).

1) Ben Simmons - Is the best all-around player and I'd describe him as a more motivated, athletic and intelligent Lamar Odom. Clearly #1.

2) Malik Newman - I loved what I saw in the FIBA U17's. He was aggressive, had a great jump shot and showed leadership. He will be a great scorer in the league and one of the best 2-guards.

3) Diamond Stone - Was the best big for Team US and is a brick to move down low. Must have sneaky length and athleticism as he is an elite rim protector.

4) Jaylen Brown - Oozes potential and already has a developed game. Was sensational at Under Armor Elite. Wad hard to put him below Newman as the top wing player.

5) Stephen Zimmerman - I feel like he's inconsistent but suited to the modern NBA with his ability to stretch the floor. Great length and agility but not a banger. Probably doesn't need to be and I think he can be a Chris Bosh/Kieth Van Horn type.

Agree/Disagree? Who did I overhype? Who did I miss?

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Obviously projecting any

Obviously projecting any draft two seasons away depends on many variables (work ethic, college development, etc) but assuming he comes out in 2016 I like Marcus Lee to perhaps crack the top 5. Just my opinion, but I liked what I saw in limited minutes last season. Give him two more seasons at Kentucky and I think he should be able to really improve on offense, and put on some weight. He already has a good motor and great length, both of which can't be taught. Needs more skill in his offensive game, but will be a good prospect to watch

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good list

1. Ben Simmons
2. Jaylen brown
3. Trey Lyles
4. Stephen Zimmerman
5.Marcus Lee

First two self explanatory imo
Trey Lyles is a throwback PF with some stretch qualities. Very skilled big who plays mostly in the paint. In the minutes he gets this year in that loaded front court I think he will show flashes and show oout with more minutes in his soph year. He makes up for lack of explosiveness with other great qualities.

Zimmerman I think he has a chance to be in the Chris bosh mode like u said.

Marcus Lee i think he will get drafted high whenever he comes out. Rate athlete and rim protector.

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no hate to Malik

I see a inefficient chucker . It's like you have to live and die with him taking mid range jumpers. Very ball dominant and I have seen little play making ability.

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Definitely could happen

Definitely could happen because we've seen it so many other times with volume shooters entering the league. I just really liked what I saw at the FIBAs. He seemed able to get off any shot he wanted and seemed too versatile for the defenders. Safe to say, he wasn't exactly being guarded by Bruce Bowen out there....

His handle's are really good when creating shots for himself. But like you said he doesn't really use them to create for others.

An inefficient college season will drop him out of the lottery. But if he could replicate Bradley Beal's freshman stats of 15ppg, 45% FG then I can see him going high in the draft.

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Solid list but I would put

Solid list but I would put Cheick Diallo in there.

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I always take the road less

I always take the road less traveled by (I will go top 10):

1. Skal Labissiere (if you have not seen this kid play you are really missing out on possibly an Anthony Davis lite player. He is a freak athlete, range out to the 3 and a defensive nightmare for the other team.)

2. Ben Simmons

3. Brandon Ingram (This is my homer pick. This kid is extremely skilled at 6'9" now, he is still growing and my be 6'10 or 6'11 by the time he ends up at Duke or UNC. Recently he outplayed Jaylen Brown)

4. Jaylen Brown

5. Svi Mykhailiuk (versitile, athletic, what is is not to love about this SG prospect?)

6. Ivan Rabb (He has had a slow summer due to ankle issues and has warranted unfair criticism for it, some players are catching up to him, but he is a low risk/high reward player)

7. Diamond Stone (low risk high reward)

8. Rashad Vaughn (if he is still at UNLV. Scoring machine)

9. Ceick Diallo (He gets by with mostly his motor now, I actually think he struggles a bit in his one year at college with players that can match his motor. Will be a Stephen Adams type right away though)

10. Marcus Lee

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Rivals updated rankings

We're both not far off. Rivals just updated their rankings.

Does anyone else think that the guys who write the mock drafts on the bigger sites (eg yahoo & ESPN) definitely read the posts in this forum and it impacts their own lists?

They have it:

1) Ben Simmons

2) Jaylen Brown

3) Malik Newman

4) Skal Labissiere

5) Diamond Stone

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I don't see anything

I don't see anything unreasonable in your list. I don't know if anyone else here is old enough to remember him, but Zimmerman reminds me of Steve Stipanovich. He played a Missouri and the same time that Ralph Sampson was at Virginia. He was a pretty good pro for the Pacers before he had a degenerative injury to his knee. I do like some things about Marcus Lee, but I would worry about Tyrus Thomas syndrome. He is not going to be able to dunk everytning in the pros. He needs another move our two or he will end up a bit player - though very likely a rich one.

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