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After a 3rd of the NBA season has been played,

who are your top 15 players in the NBA? Your MVP?

Feel free to justify why you did or did not choose a certain player.

Do not include Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo.

Lopez, Westbrook, and Kobe should be used.

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1. LeBron James - Clear

1. LeBron James - Clear frontrunner for MVP

2. Kevin Durant - As good as always, performing at career best level as of late

3. Chris Paul - Perhaps having his best season since his injury

4. Paul George - Making the leap

5. Kevin Love - Fantastic scorer, rebounder, most versatile offensive PF in the game

6. Anthony Davis - Making it look easy

7. Steph Curry - His incredible scoring ability makes up for his team's lack of offensive execution

8. James Harden - Incredible fundamental player. Extremely savvy ball handler

9. LaMarcus Aldridge - Like Love, defense is his issue, but tremendous scorer and rebounder

10. Tony Parker - Not as productive as some guys on this list, but super efficient

11. Damian Lillard - Clutch leader of league's top offense - slashing and distributing must improve to crack top 10

12. Roy Hibbert - Centerpiece of league's best defense

13. Dwyane Wade - Super efficient this season, but focus is an issue

14. John Wall - Underrated playmaker, best in the game at drive and dish, needs to improve defense, jump shot

15. Russell Westbrook - Super productive, but struggles shooting, especially early in the season, have hurt

Hon. Mention: Brook Lopez - Defensive shortcomings at the most crucial defensive position lead to his omission.

I made my decisions based on who I thought has been healthy when better this year. Really subjective category, so I'm sure there will be a lot of disagreement.

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1- LeBron James 2- Kevin

1- LeBron James

2- Kevin Durant

3- Chris Paul

4- Paul George

5- Kevin Love

6- Carmelo Anthony

7- James Harden

8- Stephen Curry

9- Russell Westbrook

10- Kobe Bryant

11- LaMarcus Aldridge

12- Anthony Davis

13- Dwight Howard

14- Kyrie Irving

15- Dwyane Wade

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1.) LeBron James 2.) Kevin

1.) LeBron James

2.) Kevin Durant

3.) Paul George

4.) Chris Paul

5.) Carmelo Anthony

6.) Dwight Howard

7.) Kevin Love

8.) LaMarcus Aldridge

9.) Russel Westbrook

10.) James Harden

11.) Damien Lillard

12.) Steph Curry

13.) Kyrie Irving

14.) Anthony Davis

15.) Andre Drummond

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1. LeBron James2. Kevin

1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Anthony Davis

4. Stephen Curry

5. Chris Paul

6. Kevin Love

7. Carmelo Anthony

8. Kobe Bryant

9. Kyrie Irving

10. LaMarcus Aldridge

11. Marc Gasol

12. DeMarcus Cousins

13. James Harden

14. Dirk Nowitzki

15. Russell Westbrook

I must note that I haven't watched much NBA this season so don't judge me too hard.

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I'm sorry but no Paul George

I'm sorry but no Paul George or Dwight Howard is just ridiculous.

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Anthony Davis?

Third best player?....yep. That'll do it alright.

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why should Kobe be used if Derrick Rose and Rondo should not? what's the difference? Derrick played more than Kobe did.

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Nick you didn't even make a

Nick you didn't even make a list

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1. LeBron James 2. Kevin

1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Chris Paul

4. Paul George

5. Anthony Davis

6. Dwight Howard

7. Kevin Love

8. LaMarcus Aldridge

9. Russell Westbrook

10. James Harden

11. Steph Curry

12. Carmelo Anthony

13. Dwyane Wade

14. Damian Lilliard

15. Tony Parker

Honestly I think 6 through 15 are just about interchangeable in a lot of places, but I like my top 5.

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I like making lists and

I like making lists and thinking over all the basketball I've watched, so why not. But before I make my list I think people should undertand that this is how I see it through the games I'VE WATCHED. While I might use stats to back up my claims, I'm only making these proclamations on the games I've watched. If a player is having a better year than I think, and I'm not seeing the player do it, then I can't really comment on it. I've watched almost all of the Celtics, Rocket, and Thunder games this year, and whatever has been nationaly televised, so from those games, this is how I'd rank the players:

1A. LeBron

1B. Kevin Durant- He's really stepped it up this year, and I don't think you can go wrong with either him or LeBron. Both players are effiecient scorers, rebound, handle the ball, and get everyone involved. I haven't watched too many Heat games though, and every time I watch Durant he's going off. He's even top 5 in def. win shares.

3. Chris Paul- He's scoring a lot more, and running that team like a boss. He's been a good leader, and has finally learned when he needs to turn it on and become a killer. Doc is the perfect coach for him.

4. Russle Westbrook- Untill he went down he was really turning it on. Westbrook plays with so much passion and energy that it's just infectious. He was rebounding the ball at a high rate, and had stretches where he was just unstopable. He had some bad shooting nights, but he always finds another way to alter the coarse of a game. Averaging a modest stat line of 21/7/6

5. Paul George- He's been a monster defensively (rated #1 in def. win shares, and #2 in def. rating), and he's been the best offensive player for the Pacers scoring almost 24 ppg on incredible percentages. Really came into his own this year.

6. LeMarcus Aldridge- Aldridge is having a great year, and is the best player on the best team up until this point. He's been automatic from midrange, and has been rebounding at a higher rate than usual. He's actually not a bad team defender, and has been playing with a lot of focus. I would like to see him playing a little more D, but I'll give my respect when it's due.

7. Jame Harden- He's been unstopable this year, and has been doing a little of everything. He would be higher on this list if he actually played defense, but the sad reality is he doesn't give much effort on that side of the ball. He has been injured a lot of the year though, so maybe that has something to do with it.

8. Anthony Davis- Is reminding me of KG back in the day. He's doing everything on the defensive end of the floor, and putting in almost 20 point per game too. He's 5th in PER as well

9. Kevin Love- Kevin Love has been awesome this year, and I could see some people putting him higher on their lists. He scores and rebounds at a high level, and his passing game is really good too. He's a truely versatile player.

10. Dwyane Wade- Wade has been really good this year. He's having one of his best years in terms of shooting the ball, and he seems to have gotten his swagger back after having all those injuries. His defense has improved since last years, and he's getting other people involved.

11. Stephon Curry- Warriors are such a fun team to watch, and a lot of that is predicated on Curry. He makes some of the craziest trick shots, and is a threat from anywhere on the floor. He has is bad moments, but his ability to get other involved makes up for that. He's been an assassin this year.

12. Carmelo Anthony- I don't like his chucking at times, but I do recognize that Melo has improved his game tremendously, and wouldn't argue if someone said he was a top player this year. He's finally rebounding the ball at a good rate, and his scoring is still on an elite level. If his team was better I'm sure he would look better, but as of right now I think the other 11 guys mentioned are having similar to better years.

13. Dwight Howard- He hasn't been as good as the Dwight I remember watching back in the day, but he's still an amazing player. While a lot of the shine might be going to Harden, Dwight has still been a great player averaging close to 18/14, with a 99 def. rating. Not the best Dwight, but still a great player.

14. Demarcus Cousins- His team isn't very good, but he's been a monster this year. At time it's looked like nobody could guard him, and he's also the only one trying to play defense at times for the Kings. He's been really good this year, and it's a shame. How many other players are averaging 20/10?

15. Al Horford- He's been having a really good year, and was just doing everything for the Hawks. He was their leading scorer, rebounder, and even had seven games of 4+ assists. He's been the focul point of that Hawks team, and hasn't dissapointed. Shame he got hurt though...

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1. Lebron James 2. Kevin

1. Lebron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Chris Paul

4. Paul George

5. Russell Westbrook

6. James Harden

7. Kevin Love

8. Stephen Curry

9. Dwight Howard

10. Lemarcus Aldridge

11. Carmelo Anthony

12. Dwayne Wade

13. Anthony Davis

14. Kyrie Irving

15. Tony Parker

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Looks like the MVP race will

Looks like the MVP race will come down to LeBron and Durant again. I think Kevin Durant might pull it out this year though. Especially if he puts the Thunder on his back again after Westbrook's latest injury setback.

Paul George and Chris Paul are the next top guys with Kevin Love rounding out the top 5.

After that its hard to choose between Westbrook, Aldridge, Dwight Howard, and some other guys.

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Can't believe no one has Blake Griffin

1. LeBron James -- still best all-around player on the planet

2. Kevin Durant -- not far behind, but shooting percentage is lagging LeBron

3. Chris Paul -- best point guard in a long time

4. Kevin Love -- playing ridiculous ball right now

5. Paul George -- elite on both ends

6. Anthony Davis -- elite defender who can score

7. Stephen Curry -- nightmare to guard

8. Blake Griffin -- so much more talented than people realize (strong rebounder, elite dunker, good passer, good ball-handling, developing post-up game and starting to shoot outside)

9. LaMarcus Aldridge -- scores and rebounds

10. James Harden -- good all-around game

11. Carmelo Anthony -- pure scorer who is boarding this year

12. Al Horford -- most underrated player in the NBA

13. Dwight Howard -- still an elite defender

14. Russell Westbrook -- no weaknesses in his game

15. DeMarcus Cousins -- great combination of talents

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