Your Top 10 players from 2013

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Your Top 10 players from 2013

1. jabari parker

2. andrew harrison

3. chris walker

4. kasey hill

5. julius randle

6. aaron gordon

7. aaron harrison (dropped off a bit, i thought he had a stronger pull up jumper from mid range)

8. wayne seldem

9. troy williams

10. james young

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I'll go top 15. 1. Jabari

I'll go top 15.

1. Jabari Parker

2. Andrew Harrison

3. Julius Randle

4. James Young

5. Aaron Harrison

6. Aaron Gordon

7. Wayne Selden

8. Kasey Hill

9. Chris Walker

10. Bobby Portis

11. Jarrell Martin

12. Marcus Lee

13. Robert Hubbs

14. Jabari Bird

15. Jermaine Lawrence

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Chris Walker is very athletic

Chris Walker is very athletic and looks to be talented on the defensive end. He should be great on help defense also protecting the rim. He really needs to work on his offense, because at the moment majortiy of his points will come from lobs, putbacks, fastbreaks and broken up plays. He defintily has top 5 phyical tools, but not game.

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