(Your Team) 2013 Offseason

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(Your Team) 2013 Offseason

With the start of the new season, we are all getting a feeling of what the 80 remaining games might look like. You have your teams that will be competing for an NBA championshiop, teams competing to fill out the remaining playoff spots, and teams hoping to win the most ping pong balls in the lottery. Unfortunately I fall into the latter being a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

The point of this is to look forward to your team's offseason and what you hope to accomplish.

1. Signing your current players to extensions, whom to let walk?

2. Free Agent aquisitions you hope to sign?

3. Who do you hope to land in the Draft?

4. Realistic deals you would like to see your team aggressively entertain?


(1) I honestly hope they let all of their restricted free agents walk. Casspi, Harangody, Leuer, Pargo, Samuels, Slone bring absolutely nothing to this team, and for this I will gladly see them off of the roster next season, as well as Walton and Boobie Gibson coming off the books as unrestricted FA'S.

(2) Cleveland will have a boat load of cash to offer out to Free Agents next year. And with Kyrie slotted in as the only star player/starter on the roster, there are a lot of slots available to fill.

Dwight Howard to a max deal: He probably wont take it, but the effort the organization in just offering goes a long way in Cleveland.

Andrew Bynum to a max deal: Same scenario. He mentioned Cleveland as an offseason destination he wouldnt might singing in, and most people havent let this go.

Al Jefferson to a max deal: Underrated Center. Fill obvious void at the 5spot. Worth the money for what he provides.

Josh Smith to a max deal: Unrealistic that he'd sign. But I would love seeing Irving and Smith on fast breaks. And he is an obvious upgrade of Tristan Thompson.

JR Smith: fills an obvious void as a scorer and at the 2/3 position.

JJ Redick: Fills in as the 3 point specialist. More effiecient that Gibson ever was.

Dorell Wright: Might be able to get him at a discount with hopes he can play like he did a couple seasons ago.

Jose Calderon: Desperate for a back up PG. Passed his prime. Not quite worthy of staring in the league anymore. But can definitely still contribute in a back up role.

(3) Hope to land a SF. They resigned Gee and theres an option on Miles. Id love to see them nab McAdoo or Poythress with their probable lottery pick. Then hopefully a backup PG in Canaan or McCallum late in the 1st round. And take the best available player in the 2nd round instead of them packaging picks and &$#%#[email protected]! them away on a single player with obvious talent still out there.

(4) I love Anderson Varejao. But if the right deal came along I wouldnt be upset seeing him land on a playoff contender. Its hard to get true value for him, and no bottom feeding team would part ways with a lottery choice for him, so keeping him is also a logical choice.

What about the rest of you?

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(1) Re-sign Captain Jack and Manu, but convince them to take the Tim Duncan route and sign flexible contracts, especially a 35-year old Ginobili. I'll let DeJuan Blair walk.

(2) We need some size and Tiago Splitter is not cutting it for me personally. Josh Smith would be a dream aquisition, but if not him, then David West and/or Samuel Dalembert.

(3) I assume the Spurs get a late 1st rounder, so CJ Leslie would be a solid pickup.

(4) Not much I would like for them to do as far as trading is concerned, but if any team would like Splitter, some second round picks and some cash, then I would be open for them to make a move.

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Indiana Pacers (For now -

Indiana Pacers (For now - Love Portland team with Lillard and Aldridge)

1. Signing your current players to extensions, whom to let walk? West, Hansbrough and Augustin are the free agents of note in Indiana after this season. I would personally like to see West return and finish his career in Indiana as he is an unbelivable presence in the locker room and a great offensive player. Hansbrough will have to prove that he warrants a new contract at this point I say no to him and DJ Augustin as well.
Lance Stephenson is a wild card and I feel he will show enough flashes to warrant a return to Indiana for a 4th year.

2. Free Agent aquisitions you hope to sign? The Pacers need a star, it is that simple. Paul George has a chance, but I feel he does not have the mentality to takeover a game and will be a player like Iguodala. I hope we attract a wing player or PG (George Hill 6th man) who can create for himself and play at an All-Star level consistantly. CP3 would be ideal, however very unlikely so maybe Brandon Jennings or Tyreke Evans could step in as that creative player.

3. Who do you hope to land in the Draft? Cody Zeller would be ideal, however I can't see Pacers in lottery. So late in the draft I would hope that we target a player like CJ Wilcox or Myck Kabongo.

4. Realistic deals you would like to see your team aggressively entertain? What I am asking is what is realistic for Indiana. I would love to see Granger and draft pick traded for a young guard (i.e Tyreke Evans) who could do with a new start and has All-Star type talent like what has happened in Houston with Harden.

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Phoenix Suns

1) I'd let Telfair and Wes Johnson walk - if they have not been traded as expiring deals (along with picks) mid season for a stud. I hope that happens but I just don't know which star could be available..

2) I hope to sign Kevin Martin to a 2 year, 16 million contract. I think he'd be a good stop gap 2 next to Dragic while the Suns develop the 2 they daft (more later). I'd also sign Paul Millsap to a 4 year 32 million deal.

3) with their mid or late lottery pick I'd take a shooting guard, and I'd like them to get either: Archie Goodwin, Alex Abrines, Kemtavious Caldwell-Pope, or Ricky Ledo. I imagine one of them will be available then.

With their Lakers pick, I'd just go best player available. Maybe Jeff Withey?

4) For a trade, just get a star. Use the picks! I have no idea what is realistic but I'll play around on trade canine.

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Resign Kyle Lowry ASAP! Decide who is our future power forward as Ed Davis can't be a backup forever and bargs needs to show he can rebound effectively, sign a legitimate 3 point shooter for our bench(reddick). Hope we keep our pick and draft the best player available. Man were so close to the playoffs

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LA Lakers 1.Resign Dwight to

LA Lakers

1.Resign Dwight to Max deal P.O. final year. No trade clause. Re-sign Morris to a 2 year 2.8 Million. Re-sign Jamison to Minimum.

2.Sign Andray Blatche Mini-MLE. Sign Anthony Morrow/Kenyon Martin 1.4 Million Minimum 1year.

3.Draft Rodney Williams#54.

4.Trade Steve Blake and Chris Duhon expiring contracts for Trevor Ariza.

Trade Pau Gasol/Devin Ebanks for Andrea Bargnani/Jose Calderon 3.2 million 2years/ #38 pick (LeBryan Nash).


PF-Bargnani/Andray Blatche/Antawn Jamison/KMart




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1. Signing your current players to extensions, whom to let walk? Well I would let the Nolan Smith and Luke Babbit walk if not traded before hand.

2. Free Agent aquisitions you hope to sign? Timofey Mozgov - As back up, Stephen Jackson - Spark off the bench,. Eric Maynor - As a Back up

3. Who do you hope to land in the Draft? Lorenzo Brown

4. Realistic deals you would like to see your team aggressively entertain? no.

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Pistons: 1. I would sign


1. I would sign maxiell depending on the cash. Currently making $5mill. I would sign him for $3-4mill. He is a good backup and veteran presence to Monroe and Drummond up front. I would let Bynum walk. He isn't really a pass first PG. Pg's are dime a dozen, should be able to pick up a decent back up somewhere

2. With the Magette and Rip Hamilton contracts out the way the Pistons are well and truly under the salary cap. I would look at Bayless or Aaron Brooks as a backup to Knight. Could maybe even try Shaun Livingston. The pistons need a quality 2 or 3 and trade stuckey or have him come off the bench. There isn't a lot of quality 2's or 3's. After being stung with Charlie V and Ben Gordon's contract I think Joe D is very cautious about who he next signs... There is no rush, we are still young and developing. Martell Webster is still young and could try him.

3. Its too early to tell, but will prob take a 2 or 3. A 3 would be nice to groom under Tayshaun Prince. McAdoo, Polythress

4. I would like to see them go after Wilson Chandler. He is too good to come off the bench. J-Lamb. They could go after either with this years draft pick or Rodney Stuckey. Could maybe get Wes Johnson cheap. Moe Harkless would be nice to groom under Prince but not sure how easy it would be to get him. Houston are pretty stacked with forwards, we could maybe try and get Terrence Jones or Royce White to fill out the forward spots. I heard Royce White is in the doghouse - he was one of my favs from last years draft....Larry Sanders, Ed Davis, John Henson might be had cheaply as they are not full time NBA starters. Put with Monroe and Drummond would make a nice up-front unit....

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