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Your 2

Who are your top two targets the next draft?

I am not talking about who will go 1-2 necessarily as teams more often than not draft according to a players value on draft day, even if they prefer someone not in that group. Teams like to trade down instead to pick up assets if they believe the best guy for them is in a lower range - see Fultz/Tatum.

It's obviously not a draft as strong as the last. In saying that, I think there can be some very good pros from the group.

My two guys that I think will translate to the NBA very well are Bol Bol and Rui Hachimura.

I think Bol will stick on rosters for a long time simply for being a shot blocker that has a 3 pointer. He has real unicorn potential though. Hachimura is a fluid front court player that can be very effective in small ball lineups especially. I see him getting in a lot of work on the corner 3 and being a high level contributor for many years.

I know there's Barrett, Little, Zion, Reddish.. but to me, I like the way Bol and Rui project and they'd be my targets if I was a lotto team, whether it means trading up or down.

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Are you talking targets for

Are you talking targets for your respective team?

IF so...I'm with the Hawks and I hope we target, Zion or RJ. I think both of these guys would complement Tre and could bring more excitment back to Atlanta.

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For OKC, PJ Washington or

For OKC, PJ Washington or literally anyone who can shoot the 3 and defend.

Depending on how his 3 ball looks this year, I think PJ could bring what 2Pat brings with much better athleticism and defense. If he doesn’t look to be a good fit, I honestly don’t know the bottom of the 1st round too well this year but anyone around 6’7” who can shoot would be good with me

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For OKC...

Haven't been following College ball much but so far:

3 starting positions off limits for OKC for a while C,Sf and PG Bench position PG is pretty nice with Dennis S

We have Diallo and Ferguson as our two young prospects I am very High on Diallo(the better of the two IMO) once he cuts the stupid fouls down he could be something very nice for us...

Our needs:

Center if Noel bails in offseason(possible)

SG assuming Dialo doesn't snatch this up by the end of they year...As he is giving us more than Terrance F on both sides of the ball just needs to cut down stupid fouls..

PF/SF a Stretch forward that plays reasonable defense to help space the floor for Adams or Noel if Kept...

First choice would be if Noel leaves us would go for a Center who can play Power forward and help Spell Adams and offer something a little different to him: Like Noel Athletcism or Floor spacing with reasonable defense like a Jokic type player...

Second choice would be a wing that can float between SG/SF and has a reasonable understanding of Defense and offense a Josh Hart like player..

But in all honesty wouldn't be mad if we moved our pick with an average deal to get a respectable two way SG or made a move for Buddy Hield as I think he would be an alright fit with PG,Russ and Adams judging by summer workout games...Or made a move for Eric gordon to give houston cap relief with pick and cheaper player to go big name chase and give us deeper overall team with Gordon...For example Abrines,The pick and something else for Gordon? As he may suit Russell's timeline better...

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