Young vs. Lavine 4OT!

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Young vs. Lavine 4OT!

Young with 49 points and 16 assists, Lavine with 47, 9 and 9.

Vince Carter played 45 minutes! He's gonna need a week off after this one.

168-161 for Atlanta. Still not even close to the triple OT Pistons/Nuggets 186-184 highest scoring game in history.

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Chicago won. 3rd highest

Chicago won. 3rd highest scoring game in nba history.

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What's great is that they

What's great is that they will both get today to rest but will face off again tomorrow afternoon @chicago with an early tip of 3:30 EST. We could see it go from one of the highest scoring games to one of the lowest scoring games. Wouldn't shock me to see guy's get significantly reduced minutes or even get rest when you consider some of the crazy minutes played: Trae Young(56 minutes), Zach Lavine(56 minutes), Otto Porter(55 minutes), Markkanen(54 minutes). Needless to say I'd put money that after playing 45 minutes Vince Carter will not be playing tomorrow.

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if the coach puts him

if the coach puts him in..vince is gonna play..that dude has kept his body in amazing shape..he lives for moments like last night.....

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