You’re the..

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You’re the..

1.) You’re the Dallas Mavericks. Congratulations, you just won the #1 pick. Who do you select?

2.) Luck strikes for you again. You’re the General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers and you just got the #1 Pick. Charlotte GM offers you kemba Walker and Dwight Howard for the #1 Pick, Tristan Thompson + his enormous contract, and Cedi Osman. (Kemba expires next year and Dwight Howard in the next two years, this move could you give a lineup of

PG: Walker/Hill/
SG: Hill/Smith/
SF: James/Korver/
PF: Love/
C: Howard/Nance/

If Lebron James resigns. Since the draft is before free agency, this could be a move that convinces Lebron to stay. It’s a gamble giving up the 1st Pick, but the return could be just what you want. If you decline the trade, who do you take?

3.) You’re the Orlando Magic’s GM. You guys win the 2nd overall pick, and Atlanta wins the first. Who do you take if Doncic is off the board? Do you try to trade down? What are some trade options you’d explore if you don’t keep the pick? If you pick someone like Bagley or Ayton, do you trade Vucevic or Gordon?

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1. Draft Ayton. Take BPA and

1. Draft Ayton. Take BPA and build around him, DSJ and Barnes.

2. I`ll decline the trade and just go for BPA and take Ayton.

3. Magic goes for BPA and draft Ayton meaning they trade Vuc. Magic needs someone they can actually build around and Ayton could be their guy.

In short, if you have the chance to draft Deandre Ayton, draft him. Very high ceiling and floor. Could be the next David Robinson but he too far from that for now.

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Draft Ayton, build around

Draft Ayton, build around Lebron if he's staying or draft Ayton, Draft Ayton.

Ayton plays like Kevin Garnett.

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Ayton plays like Kevin Garnett without the motor.

If Kevin Garnetts motor was a V8.. Aytons is a hybrid. His mentality is closer to Andrew Wiggins than it is to KG. Which quite frankly scares me a bit for a big guy.

With that said I agree with all of your scenarios. I'm taking Ayton first.

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I disagree that ayton plays

I disagree that ayton plays like Kevin Garnett. He’s probably more like David Robinson or Patrick Ewing in terms of physical profile and playing style. The tools are there for him to be a dominant defensive presence, but he has a long way to go in that regard and there are legitimate concerns about his motor and desire. However, I’d probably agree he’s the likely number one pick regardless of who is making it.

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1. Agree that Dallas must

1. Agree that Dallas must take BPA. No argument from me that it's Ayton. Plus he fills a need.

2. I like Kemba Walker but I don't know why he would fit better than IT. I would pass on the trade and take my chances with Ayton. Of course if LeBron demanded that we make the trade I would have to do what he said, but I don't think he would 'cause he really likes Thompson.

3. You're assuming Atlanta takes Doncic with the first pick? Do you know something we don't know? I think they will take Ayton. If Ayton is available with #2 then certainly Orlando should take him. I would definitely be open to Vucevic trade scenarios if I were Orlando, regardless of draft position. I wouldn't trade Gordon unless someone makes an offer I can't refuse.

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1) Ayton to Dallas definitely

1) Ayton to Dallas definitely makes the most sense if they get the first pick. The Nerlens Noel experiment has failed and they need an upgrade there.

2) I actually like your proposed trade for Cleveland, as Dwight would give them the defend presence they’re missing. I’m just not sure it makes sense for Charlotte. What exactly would Charlotte do with the first pick in this scenario? Do you take a Young to replace Walker? I like Young, but I think Ayton and Bagley have higher ceilings. However, neither Ayton nor Bagley complement Tristan Thompson well. Honestly, if I were Charlotte, I’d rather offer Howard, Kaminsky and a future pick for Love. Cleveland can then keep the first pick and take Bagley.

3) I think if Atlanta gets the first pick they have to take Ayton. Yes, they need upgrades at SG and SF, but Ayton is the BPA in this draft and could really change that franchise. That said, if Ayton is available to the Magic at 2, I think they take him and move on from Vucevic once and for all. I also can see a scenario where the Magic trade down for Trae Young.

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Everybody has to take Ayton number one.

Even the Grizzlies with Gasol(if they plan to keep him forever), you could still trade down, draft a stud PF, SF team need, and collect a lot of extra picks in the process, dumping mclemore contract, things like that.

I'm thinking suns, when you saw what they did for the absolut scrub Chriss.

They'll give all their extra 1st rounders(2 heat, 1 bucks) and a Bagley/Porter for Ayton.

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