So Yao contract is done at the end of the season but the question is where will he end up? I think he should really consider retirement due to the constant problems with his feet and ankles. Though I think the rockets would consider to resign him but for much lower pay as well as several other teams that need help at the center position what does everyone else think?

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He already said if he cant

He already said if he cant stay healthy he would retire. So thats probably what he does.

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It is up to Yao. He said

It is up to Yao. He said retirement was an option but if he chooses to come back somebody will sign him. I think if he does play again it will be with the Rockets. I would offer a contract offering more incentive money and less guaranteed tho and nothing too long. It is really sad he couldn't be healthy this year. I think their current supporting cast would have scared alot of teams in the playoffs with him as the #1 option.

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