WTF!! JR Smith says he wants 2 play College Football

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WTF!! JR Smith says he wants 2 play College Football

Denver Nuggets egocentric guard JR. Smith announced on his Twitter account that if there's a Lockout next year he's seriously considering playing college football at The University of Miami..He said he wants to play wide receiver..Smith is an interesting individual last season before a game he told reporters he wanted to be called by his given name Earl,then a few hours later he reversed it and said he love being called JR...I think he was joking becuz he didn't answer any questions or go into details on why he wanted to play college football..

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The U. and Earl Smith just seems like a match made in heaven.....

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I could imagine all kinds of

I could imagine all kinds of trouble he could get into in just one year at The U! Do it Earl,Do It!

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