Would Seth Curry have more hype if he stayed at Liberty?

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Would Seth Curry have more hype if he stayed at Liberty?

I was just thinking of the the hype surrounding other prospects from small schools, who dominated in college. Steph Cury at Davidson, Damien Lilliard at Weber State, C.J. McCollum at Lehigh, and Rodney Stuckey at Eastern Washington.

We all remember Seth Curry averaged 20.2 points per game, 4.4 rebounds, and 2.4 assists at Liberty in is freshman year. He averaged 17.5 ppg his senior year at Duke in the ACC, one of the toughest college basketball conferences, so obviously he got better.

At Duke his deficiencies have been uncovered, he lost some momentum in his hype train, and following the coat tails of his brother by having to sit out a year. So would he have more hype had he stayed at Liberty?

He's now most likely a 2nd round draft pick, maybe undrafted. He's a great shooter, albeit undersized. At Liberty, he probably would have stayed a point guard, averaged 25-30 points per game, and got the Steph Curry double team assists.

So was his decision to transfer to Duke a bad one when it comes to his draft position? It was obviously better for his game, would he have been a 1st round draft pick last year? Would he be a lottery pick like Curry, Lilliard,(future lottery in McCollum) or one pick out of the lottery like Stuckey?

I think his draft stock would have been much better coming from Liberty

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It depends

Obviously if since steph curry is his brother the hype is already there, but small school guys like that get well known for making some sort of run in ncaa tourney. Had he stayed and failed to make the tourney or any run he would be a forgotten commodity. It was a gamble going to duke, but it obviously payed off considering he was one of the top players in the acc and either the number two or one guy for a very good duke team that made it to the elite 8

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I thought about this too

and although at the time I thought him transferring to Duke would increase his draft chances I agree with you. Teams would've looked straight to his brother in projecting his stock and he would've eventually put up similar numbers. He is a probably a better basketball player than he would've been by transferring to Duke though. I think his brother's success is still gonna ensure he makes a roster spot in the leauge one way or another though.

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Interesting way of looking at

Interesting way of looking at it. Personally, I'm higher on Seth than most people. I think he could be an early second round steal as a smart player who can shoot the lights out. Like Dleg99 said, had he stayed at Liberty a possible run in the tourney would have probably determined where he got drafted. That's not always the case--Lillard never made a great tourney run--but it certainly would have helped. Also remember that if he stayed he would have graduated last year and been in last year's draft. If he really dominated at Liberty I could have seen him taking John Jenkins' spot at 23. But most likely, especially in a strong draft like the one from last year, he would have been an early second round pick. So considering that's where I have him now, I'm going to say that it would not have really changed his draft position.

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He got to

Play tougher defenses and teams when he played in the acc. I understand everyone wants to quickly compare Seth to his brother but there are things steph could do with the ball in his career at Davidson that sets just can't do right now. Steph was a gunner in college and that's all he was asked to do. He didnt have to bring the ball up or show off his crafty ball skills but you knew he has then. Seth on the other hand doesn't have the handle or quickness that his older brother has. The jump shot could be just as pure but u can tell by watching Seth that he struggles to get his shot off unlike big brother

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Good question, for me it

Good question, for me it simply comes down to the fact he can't handle the ball as well against elite defenders in the ACC and the higher competition he faced at a bigger better school. That's his major deficiency along with being a better distributor and it would have been masked at Liberty. His defense statistics and inabilities would also be useless as tool to judge him for future success in the League also which would have benefited him in hindsight. As much as playing for Coach K is destined to help you as a player and person, playing against better competition can also arrest development also. It usually forces you to find a niche earlier than your natural progression would suggest. Its like when a shooter plays at a big time high school and he just shoots but if he goes to a smaller school he is allowed more leeway and play making responsibilities.

He would have allowed himself to be more creative off the dribble with a green light at Liberty and be a primary ball handler and possibly the lead distributor as well. That being said I really don't know why he left.

His brothers success in the League, especially this year would have helped him better at Liberty than Duke, because it only takes one team to find the small school, big numbers, same bloodline comparisons.

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For sure

He was avg 19 his freshman yr from what I remember, Whisch would have improved. A couple conference player of th eyear awards and maybe a scoring title by jnt year. His stock I think would be very safely in the first round. Its all about how how your looked on, Coming out of Liberty - he would have looked like a scorong point , which would have made people think of his brother even if you call him a poor mans version hes still first round. Coming out of Duke he s maybe been over exposed he looks like a role player who can shoot and distribute some , welcome to second round - but with an excellent degree.

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more like Dell

He's more like his father than his brother. That wouldn't change, no matter where he went to college. Numbers in college mean nothing. Workouts and the combine show teams what they want to see. That's why guys who don't get off the bench often surpass guys with big numbers.

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Maybe, I think one thing that

Maybe, I think one thing that Seth doesn't have when compared to McCollum, Lillard, his brother Steph or any small conference guards coming out of college is athletic ability. Isiah Canaan is still a projected late 1st to early 2nd rounder because he's not that athletic. Being able to jump, at times, is really overrated when scouting, but when honestly looking at these guys, the main thing that stands out is that Seth Curry just really isn't as athletic as a lot of the mid major guys who go really high.

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It's a no brainer

He may not be his brother, but he would have been fed the ball for all 4 years at Liberty and would have ended with similar stats. Then, Steph's success at the NBA would be what scouts would be looking at, rather than Seth's much more average production at Duke.

If Curry goes in the 2nd round, he's a steal. He's late 1st round talent, and would have probably flirted with the lottery if he had stayed at Liberty.

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no. its not just the

no. its not just the athleticism but I am not sure he has the PG skills. hype is the key word in your question. if there were no Steph then nobody would be checking for this guy. if Ray McCallum isnt a first round pick then I dont see how Seth is.

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