Would it be smart to trade MONTA???

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Would it be smart to trade MONTA???

This guy should of been a 2x all-star plays big minutes guards the biggest 2 guards top 5 in steals so why would his name be mention in trade talks. I can only see him getting traded for Dwight Howard but that not gonna happend. If the warriors really trade MONTA the warriors need to be slap and traded to the wnba for the phoenix or the minnesota lynx.

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Man you are really high on

Man you are really high on Monta. Though he is a prolific scorer, you can consider him as an overrated scorer because he doesn't bring much more on the table and plays for Golden State (=is only focused on the offense and can do pretty much what he wants) so trading him for Howard, a dominant defensive force and the best center right now, is not fair at all.

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Eddy Curry could play better

Eddy Curry could play better defense right now then he could

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yeah they gotta keep him in

yeah they gotta keep him in gs thats going to stay a purely offesnsive team and monta is pure offense dont trade for igoudala hes and underachiever he cant score over 20 he trys to get triple doubles hes not a pg and hes not putting up lebron type triple doubles

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