would cody zeller go before drummond in this draft?

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would cody zeller go before drummond in this draft?

assuming he comes out, would any gm take him over drummond.he did have a much better year than drummond after all.

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Doubt it,I am a bigger fan of

Doubt it,I am a bigger fan of Cody Zeller tbh nut I really doubt that Drummond aren't gonna be the top C to be taken in the draft
too much potential and physical tools for GMs to ignore

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I agree somebody will bite on

I agree somebody will bite on Drummond before Zeller. Despite the fact that Drummond was unimpressive this year while Zeller was steady.

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Can Andre Drummond transfer

Can Andre Drummond transfer and play next year? I thought I read Alex Oriakhi can transfer and play next year because UCONN is banned from post season play. Plus, Drummond wouldn't have to be released from scholarship because he didn't have one.

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That's an interesting idea

That's an interesting idea (if possible), watch him go to UK.

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Yes he can transfer and play

Yes he can transfer and play immediately but I don't think he will do that.I think he will go to the draft or stay and Uconn.and no one will pass up on drummond for Zeller,he has to much tools and his ceiling is sky high.If drummond turns out to even be a Deandre Jordan type of player the Gm's will crap on themselves for passing up on him. Just like the one's that passed up on Jordan from some other un known players are doing now.

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hell yes

Zeller hasn't the physical potential that Drummond does, but he's got a great motor and had a great year.

Zeller will be a very good player in the NBA, maybe not a an all-star level, but you know what you're going to get. Drummond, who knows.

Take Zeller in a heartbeat.

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there is simply NO WAY..just

there is simply NO WAY..just watch it how he will be back in top2 after the combine

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I would take Drummond over

I would take Drummond over Zeller. I think Drummond can contribute in the NBA right out of the gate, but Zeller will have to add some weight and muscle before he contributes. Like jazzfan1 said, Zeller has a great motor and did have a great year, but Drummond is a freak! His size, athleticism, and upside make this decision an easy one for me.

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Could he? Sure...I would

Could he? Sure...I would doubt it, Drummond has the size and potential to be a top 5 pick.

Oh, how many times I've heard size + potential= top 5 pick.

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I would consider taking

I would consider taking Zeller before Drummond, but Drummond is such a freak athletically I don't think you can pass on him.. I like Zellers skills though, whenever he comes out, whatever team that gets him will get a great C/PF with underrated athleticism and scoring ability..

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I like Cody Zeller as a

I like Cody Zeller as a prospect, but he woudn't go over Drummond. Plus A lot of people are really undermining Drummond. Yea he didn't dominate like people thought but lets be honest, when was the last time you have seen a big man dominate without a good point guard? Lamb and Napier were looking for their own shots. Drummond was getting garbage baskets, and alley oops. Similar to Anthony Davis. Drummond, unlike Davis can't create for himself. That's the advantage Davis has over Drummond as well as Davis bball IQ is higher in my opinion. He was a point guard I believe before hitting that growth spurt. But Zeller played in a system where the guards didn't mind feeding him the basket. Drummond just needs to go to a team where the point guards don't mind giving him the ball. Plus the whole Calhoun sickness situation and academic mess i think derailed his development. Drummond would've had a much better season if he had spent more time under Calhoun.

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I think it's possible,

I think it's possible, althoug I doubt it would happen. Cody doesn't quite have Drummond's physical tools, but he is much more advanced than Drummond even though they're the same age. Drummond's offensive game resembles a young Kwame Brown's.

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Alex Oriakhi can transfer

Alex Oriakhi can transfer because it would be his final season, just like when USC was banned in football upper classmen could transfer without having to wait but not under classmen. Drummond could not.

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