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Do you think this would be a good trade

Raptors Get- Antawn Jamison, 5th Pick and Another player to even the salaries

Wizards Get- Chris Bosh

Raptors can select Jordan Hill with 5th pick and can select Demar DeRozan if he falls or Tyreke Evans

Raptor Starting Line Up
PG-Jose Caldaron
SG-Tyreke Evan/Demar DeRozan
SF-Antawn Jamison
PF-Andrea Bargnani
C-Jordan Hill

Shawn Marion will leave in free agency and Antawn Jamison is finally on the team that drafted him and the wizards become immediate contenders.

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Decent trade but I think

Decent trade but I think Toronto may have to throw in a future pick. Jamison is still a 20 ten guy so him and the 5th pick is a lot of talent. I had Washington on some mock on a different site and tried to do that trade with the 9th pick and Javale Mcgee involved but the raptors owner turned it down.

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