Wizards need to trade Porter

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Wizards need to trade Porter

They got Kelly Oubre, Devin Robinson and Troy Brown that all seem like they can be very good players right away and Porter is taking up all that cap space. They really gotta trade him to the highest bidder and move on.

Devin Robinson looks like an absolute monster check out his preseason highlights.

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What value does he have? He’s

What value does he have? He’s young and talented but like you said huge cap hit and not a one or two option on a championship team.

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Let’s say I’m Philadelphia and I’m interested in Porter

Would the Wizards take a salary dump deal?

The 76ers could offer you Jeryd Bayless, Amir Johnson, Furkan Korkmaz and 1st Round Pick via Miami

Would the Wizards be interested in saving some Money?(Bayless and Johnson are expiring contracts)

Would they want a Sharp Shooting wing prospect in Korkmaz to back up Oubre at SG or SF?

Would they want an unprotected pick via Miami to help them rebuild/retool around Wall And Oubre( I believe Beal will be traded at some point in the future)

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Porter has a 15% trade kicker

Porter has a 15% trade kicker which means he'll be getting 30M a year for the next 3 years. If I'm the SIxers I'm not giving up the MIA pick for that. I'm not even sure if I want that contract for free.

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Then Troy Brown must have

Then Troy Brown must have been drafted to play PF.

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Porter is making $500K more

Porter is making $500K more than Brad Beal, and $7M more than John Wall.

If you were wondering what the problems with the Wiz are, that's basically all you need to know.

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Those Scottie Pippen

Those Scottie Pippen comparisons scouts gave him coming out of Georgetown were waaaaaaayy off. If he was a more consistent scorer, maybe average around 18 pts. The overrated and maybe overpaid tag would go away. Becuz on the defensive side of the ball he's efficient. Wizards are -6.3 when he's off the floor and 6 when he's on it. DRPM he Ranked 34th last year.

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To be fair to him he put up

To be fair to him he put up really nice numbers when Wall went down as, he averaged around 19ppg shooting really efficiently.

I still see a Danny Granger level of potential and style of play. He could be a really good 2nd option, I still think he can be an All-Star given the right opportunity. The question would be need and fit - somewhat like Harrison Barnes.

Teams he would fit with to me:
Cleveland - Could do with more young talent & scoring.
Detroit - Need a wing scorer badly, not sure how good his shot creating is but he could get a lot of open shots with Griffin & Drummond out the.
Indiana - Would be a legitimate 2nd option at can play minutes at both SF & PF. (Lots of expiring deals to offer)
Minnesota- Switch for Jimmy.
New Orleans - Desperately need a wing scorer and defender. (Could move Randle out, gives Washington a versatile young big to join Wall & Beal)

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B/c the CBA has incentivized players to stay w/ the teams that

Drafted them b/c the team has so much controll contractually & can offer more money - & I am 100% in Favor of that b/c it Rewards smaller Market teams who Draft well by alllowing to hold on to Great young players- it is More critical than Ever for organizations to have a Really Strong General Manager in place

And a rock solid organizational infrastructure b/c the Flip side to that equation is that just one over reach on a draft pick & a team is ham-strung for years

It's almost better if a guy is a huge disappoinment rather than a good not great young player b/c the team is really stuck about whether to offer an extension

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I think you guys are

I think you guys are underestimating Porter. A lot of teams would love this guy. Good defender who does a bit of everything and you don't need to run plays for him. Has turned into a lethal three-point shooter.

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They wouldn't love paying

They wouldn't love paying that trade kickert though..

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Porter is the ultimate glue

Porter is the ultimate glue guy for the Wizards. His stats might not be mindblowing and perhaps the huge contract was ill-advised, but if this team is ever going to reach its full potential, they’re not going to do it without him. He’s one of the best shooters in the league, offers positional versatility and toughness, and is one of the few unquestionably positive influences in the locker room.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Brown and Robinson, but above-average preseason play from young bench players is no reason to get rid of Porter. It does mean, however, that perhaps the team’s biggest Achilles heel, their bench, might be promising and that the team might be able to absorb losing Oubre in free agency.

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The Wizards kind of seem

The Wizards kind of seem stuck where they are. They could deal Porter, but I doubt it would make them better or help much in the long term. The Wizards really need someone to improve tremendously otherwise they look like they'll be stuck winning one playoff round at most for the foreseeable future.

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