Wiz #3 pick for Cousins ?

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Wiz #3 pick for Cousins ?

Will WIZARDS package their 3° pick plus K.Seraphin to the KINGS for Cousins?

Wall and Cousins were college teammates and they also have Nene and Okafor to babysit him.

If not a Wall, Beal, Porter 1,2,3 looks very solid...


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Wizards are in a great

Wizards are in a great position. I don't think the #3 pick gets Cousins simply because he is too talented. I know he is a headcase, but he still has the potential to be one of the best centers in the NBA. Wizards fans have a lot to be excited about because they played pretty decent basketball when John Wall came back and adding the #3 pick gives them a bright future.

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I would make that trade if I

I would make that trade if I was the Wiz..

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Just don't think the Wizards need to take that chance. They are in a very good spot with the 3rd pick.
This trade is high risk / high reward. Could be great. Could also be a disaster.

With all the team issues the Wiz have finally seemed to fix, why even go there?

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Wiz might have to give up #3

Wiz might have to give up #3 pick and maybe a future first rounder. Kevin Serphin will not make this happen, throw in Jan Vessley as well, he's a bust.

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I think in order for the

I think in order for the Kings to pull the trigger on this they would have to:
1) be 100% sold on Demarcus not being a part of their future.
2) they would have to fall in love with someone early in the draft who they think will become great.
3) they have to be sure they cam grab that player at 3.

I think the Kings might pull the trigger on Cousins and the seventh pick for Beal and the third, but I doubt the Wiz want to let Beal get away right now.

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if they can make this deal happen, I would do it in a heartbeat. cousins would be great with Washington, in my opinion.

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I too like the idea of Wash

I too like the idea of Wash considering Cousins, but they'll have to offer more than that. Itll have to be something Sacramento cannot turn down. Consider Sacramento is being sold, I would think the new ownership will want a clean slate and a friendlier cap situation. Wash will need to offer not only the #3 pick, but expiring contracts and take back a boat load of bad contracts.

Im thinking somewhere amongst the lines of:
Sacramento gets: #3 pick, Okafor, Ariza, Vesely, 2014 pick
Wash gets: Cousins, Salmons, Thornton, Hayes

Sacramento brings in 23 million dollar in expiring contracts after next season, additional lotto pick this year, and still a prospect in Vesely. Addition pick next year. If Im the Kings, Ill then target Len and Oladipo.
w/ Len on the bench. Next year they will have a top 5 pick and can target a pg or sf, which is deep in that draft.

Washington takes on a lot of contracts, but in hindsight, add a lot of depth in addition to Cousins. Note: Singleton is a serviceable sf. He is a great post/perimeter defender and can hit the outside shot. And no one in the east would be able to bang with Nene and Cousins.

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The Wizards just started to put something together after the all star break last year. You don't poison that with Cousins right now. Use the 3rd pick and continue to let these young guys develop.

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Personally i would do it, but

Personally i would do it, but i see why a lot of people say its not smart for either team. The wizards just traded away all their knuckleheads so why add another? And for the Kings, the #3 pick will not be as talented as Cousins, at least not on paper.

The only way i see this move happening is if Washington took on a bad contract or 2, which i wouldnt want to see.

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I would potentially

Love this for my Kings. Gives us more of a fresh start. Maybe draft Otto porter if he falls to three. Resigning Evans should be high on the priority list if this deal was to go down.

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No this deal wouldn't work IMO

The 3rd pick plus Brad Beal and Kevin Seraphin for Cousins and Marcus Thorton could very well work out though...

Add Brad Beal and take back Marcus Thornton and this deal might work.

This way the Wizards have their duo of Wall and Cousins while surrounding them with veterans

The Kings would have Beal plus 2 top 7 picks to build around...Potter or Burke 3rd and Bennent or Len 7th make sense IMO, maybe Noel is still there 3rd and they take a flier on Schroeder or MCW 7th

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They dont need Cousins, gotta

They dont need Cousins, gotta address that SF spot.

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