Will these players go to the hall of fame or should be or go?

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Will these players go to the hall of fame or should be or go?

Ok i was just thinkin about this and wat r u guys in-take one the topic here's mine?

Nash ( yes he's not goin to the ship or get it but will be there and im a dallas fan he didnt do none of this ish when he was in dallas and it was a runnin team anywayz.

KD ( he will go down as one of the greatest scorer of all-time not the best but top 10)

Big Z ( i dont think so but u never know)

jason terry( lets flip a coin heads he goes tails he doesnt tails it is well his career state r 16ppg, 2rebs, 4.8ast nope not there)

Mutombo ( Hell yeah when mount mutombo is in the paint for real u really look for this man yeah i will protest if he doesnt get in and isnt it 5 years out before u can get in?)

Grant Hill ( maybe cause he was a nice guy lol if he was healthy wit t-mac he would hands down

wat about urs?

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Nash - are you

Nash - are you serious?

Mutombo - some people say he shouldn't, but I think otherwise

Big Z - hahahaha

KD - if injuries don't &$#%#[email protected]! him up like VC or TMac then yeah

Jet - I like him, but naw

Grant Hill - this one is close, injuries crushed his career, right now he still plays on a good level for his age and he won that good person award some years in a row, it's really close

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Nash- yes HOF career for

Nash- yes HOF career for sure, a championship would've solidified it without a doubt but he has two MVPs, very consistent numbers for the better part of his career, has been a multiple all star, and has faired very well in the playoffs and been a great teammate

KD I assume means Kevin Durant and he is only 21 years old, and by getting the scoring title he has proven why he is now a premier player in the NBA Today, it is very early to tell with players even without exceptional talent because look at Hill, McGrady and Penny, if you judged them as younger players you would've said without a doubt they would be HOFs but injuries can ruin very talented guys, but from the looks of it with the Thunder being an up and coming young franchise with talented players he could win multiple championships, MVPs, scoring titles it would definitely guarantee a HOF spot.

Big Z- no way, solid player back in his day but nothing that would even nominate him to become a Hall of Famer

Jason Terry- had some great seasons, won 6th man on the year and has done well in Dallas but he is not worthy to become a HOFer he is a solid player thats it.

Mutombo- yes he is a HOFer, had a very long career where he dominated on the defensive end, believe he is 2nd all time in blocks for NBA history, he was tremendous at defense, definitely worthy to be a HOFer.

Grant Hill- shame what injuries can do I wish he could make it to the HOF but his chances are slim to none, he has all star appearances, couple good seasons but he has missed a lot of games because of his injuries and he just does not have anything noteworthy to allow him to be considered, I really like him though, great high quality kind of guy, glad he has been able to stay healthy the past couple of years and prolong his career, he is a good fit on any team, is one of those veterans you would love to have in your locker room and on the court.

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Nash of course

Grant Hill no. Z and Terry should not be in the convo. KD is going down as maybe the greatest to ever play when he is done.

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Chris Webber

What do you think about Chris Webber? I think he'll make it

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C-Webb is a no brainer

C-Webb is a no brainer

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Nash=No brainer. Kevin

Nash=No brainer.

Kevin Durant(if even semi healthy)= No brainer.

Big Z=No.

Jason Terry=Haha. No

Mutombo=Close but no

Grant Hill=Unfortunately no

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Nash- I think he'll find a

Nash- I think he'll find a way in to the hall. It's hard to keep a 2 time MVP out even if thye have no rings.

KD If this means Durant it's pretty early to say he's career could go any way, Penny Grant Hill route were he starts off hot but injuries derail his career or he could turn into a scorer that we've never seen before a guy who could put up 35 ppg while shooting over 50% fg% 40% 3pt and 90% ft

Big Z I just don't see it happening no rings and injuries robbed him of almost 2 or 3 season

jason terry i don't think so those early years in ATL didn't have any team success if he could of landed on a contender early in his career and maybe won a ring or 2 to go along with the 6th man of the year maybe.

Mutombo not a sure thing but should be in there as far as on the court on of the best shot blockers this league has ever seen and off the court not to many have a off the court image as good as him.

Grant Hill I really don't know this is the toughest on of them all could get in easily one of the best players before injuries but you have to take into consideration he missed basically his prime

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Just to throw a new name in

Just to throw a new name in there, anyone think Melo will end up a HoFer if he stays in Denver? How about Chauncey Billups? As for the above, Deke, Nash, KD yes. Others no.

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nash, absolutley. Durant, why

nash, absolutley.

Durant, why the hell are we discussing a 21 year old who has never won a single playoff series with being in the HOF?

Big Z, LOL.

jason terry, LOL. Are we opening up the HOF to about 40 entries per year now?

Mutombo, yes, but barely.

grant hill, i say no, but it is very close. He does have a college and olympic title on his side. But based strictly on NBA, nope.

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Nash-hell yea he is a 2 time

Nash-hell yea he is a 2 time MVP not many people can say that.
Durant-He's one of my favorite players but he's only 21 hasnt one a playoff series yet but if injuries dont get to him he going in hands down.
Jason Terry-No disrespect to Jason Terry. are you serious though/
Mutombo-He's a multiple all start a great defender he change the way players drive to the hoop when he was playing yes he should make it.
Grant Hill- If injuries never got to him he wouldve had a marvelous career i say no but he deserves to.

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mutumbo should simply because

mutumbo should simply because of all hes done with the game of basketball to help people
show me one person in the hall of fame who has helped as many people with their fame as dikembe

plus rodman is the real puzzler

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How can Mutombo not be in the

How can Mutombo not be in the Hall of Fame but most of the people in here thinks Dennis Rodman should be in it? Mutombo was a 8 time All-Star, 4 TIME DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR, and was arguably the most dominant defensive player in the 90s, he also averaged double figure in scoring 12 years so it wasn't like he was a liability on offense like a Ben Wallace or Rodman, I think he should be in the HOF, his career stats (11.5PPG 12RPG 3.2BPG).

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Nash will make it because he

Nash will make it because he already had a somewhat illustrious career statistically speaking before he went to phoenix and when he got there he was the MVP for back to back seasons. There arent a lot of guys with 2 mvp trophies let alone back to back seasons. Ilguaskas and terry have absolutely no chance of becoming HOFers or even being vaguely considered and its pretty hilarious that you even bring them up in this conversation. Durant has the opportunity barring that he stays the top flight shooter/scorer he is for a long stretch of his career. Hopefully he doesnt face injury like vince carter or tracy mcgrady but i think based solely off of how many points he will score. I honestly dont see him winning any titles. I think he'll get to the conference finals a few times but i dont think theyll win it. Its just my opinion

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Nash - Is This Even a

Nash - Is This Even a Question?
Kevin Durant - Yes
Jason Terry - No
Dikembe Mutombo - Definately
Grant Hill - Yes, College counts, olympics counts and a good start to his career counts

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What about Bob?

how about Robert Horry?
dude did win, what 7 championships?

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Artis gilmore should be

Artis gilmore should be in
19th all time points
1st all time fg%
5th alltime rebounds
4th alltime blocks

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