will these guys eva win rings?

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will these guys eva win rings?

joe johnson

u guys can add more if u wood like!

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Hi Def

Steve Nash- NO
Amar'e Stoudemire- Yes
Allen Iverson- NO
LeBron James- Yes
Chris Bosh- Yes
Joe Johnson- Yes
Deron Williams- NO
Chris Paul- Yes
Dwight Howard- Yes
Carmelo Anthony- Yes
Derrick Rose- yes
Yao Ming- NO
Tracy McGrady-NO
Kevin Durant- Yes
Gilbert Arenas- Hell NO

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Nash - No, a little it too

Nash - No, a little it too late

Amare - With the free agent guys, its much harder, cuz you dont know what there future holds...but im gonna say No

Iverson - Nah, Hes done..

Lebron - Yeah, he will...

Bosh - See Amare, but im gonna say Yes

Joe Johnson - No

CP3 - If surrounded by the right guys, yes

D-Will - I hope so, but Utah isnt looking like its gonna improve beyondhow good they are now

Superman - Yes

Carmelo - Im rooting for him, but I dont see it...

Derrick Rose - Yes, eventually

Yao Ming- Nahh

T-Mac - Depends, probably not though

Kevin Durant - Yessssss

Gilbert - Nahh

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Steve Nash- Unfortunately

Steve Nash- Unfortunately probably not

Amar'e Stoudemire- No

Allen Iverson- His time has passed, so no

LeBron James- Yes

Chris Bosh- Yes

Joe Johnson- Yes

Deron Williams- No

Chris Paul- No

Dwight Howard- Yes

Carmelo Anthony- No

Derrick Rose- No

Yao Ming- No

Tracy McGrady- No

Kevin Durant- Yes

Gilbert Arenas- No

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nash - no amare - yes iverson

nash - no
amare - yes
iverson - no
lbj - yes
bosh - yes
joe johnson - no
cp3 - yes
d.will - no
superman - yes
carmelo - no
d.rose - yes
yao - no
t-mac - no
durant - yes
arenas - no

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LeBron, Paul, Howard and

LeBron, Paul, Howard and Durant are they only star's without a tragic flaw to hold them back or that needs to be compensated for. All can make a difference on both ends of the court.

That said - surrounded by the right guys and the proper luck anyone can win a title.

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nash: Nope, a little bit too

nash: Nope, a little bit too late
amare: Nope, I don't think so if he's 1st option
iverson: Nope, too late
lbj: Yeah, odds favor him
bosh: 50/50, I'll go with no
joe johnson: No
cp3: No
d.will: yeah, he is a pg capable of leading a team to the finals and still has plenty of time left
superman: yeah, odds favor him
carmelo: will have to say no
d.rose: almost a lock, yes
yao: No, spends too much time on the DL to be an impact + salary holds down team
t-mac: No, too late
durant: Yes, another "lock"
arenas: No

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Steve Nash- one of my

Steve Nash- one of my favorite players but I highly doubt it

Amare Stoudamire- if he teams up with Lebron or Wade its possible

Allen Iverson- highly doubt it, he cannot except being a bench player

Lebron James- probably end up with 1-2 rings when its all said and done, maybe 3

Chris Bosh- needs to except being a 2nd option on a team with Wade or Lebron, he is not a 1st option on a championship team

Joe Johnson- needs to except being a 2nd/3rd option look at this year in the playoffs by far not a team leader nor possess the skill to be a 1st option

Chris Paul- maybe will win 1 if that but I really doubt it, Hornets have not and will not surround him with good players, what more can he do other then Free Agency

Deron Williams- if Utah surrounds him with a legit post player and some nice shooters who can defend then yes, I am not sure where else he could go to win

Dwight Howard- without a doubt will probably end up with 2-3 rings, if he ever develops a reliable post game he cannot be stopped

Carmelo Anthony- I say maybe 1 ring, 2 if he gets lucky Denver has a good supporting cast just a little up there in age

Derrick Rose- probably 2 rings

Yao Ming- is this a serious question? he needs to play half a season before this can be ask

Tracy McGrady- if he excepts the role of coming off the bench then definitely yes or if he stays in New York and teams up with Lebron or Bosh, Amare, Wade, etc and plays limited minutes as a starter and plays as a 3rd option he can be effective, assuming he is recovered

Kevin Durant- Oklahoma City is going to be the next Spurs/Lakers franchise of the decade, the team is talented and young with Durant leading the way, he could end up with 4-6 rings if they maintain their core of great young players and coach

Gilbert Arenas- highly doubt it unless he goes to another team

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