will micheal redd play minutes for the bucks???

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will micheal redd play minutes for the bucks???

i know he injured again but this man can shoot and has been loyal to the team and city for so long. he came from nothing to something. the bucks are loaded at the 2 and 3 spot already a playoff team without him, if he can come back and except a bench role with the bucks or another team that would help alot. his quickness is gone for sure but the lefty still has stroke (super pause). so will mike redd gets mins? final year. thoughts?

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They should trade him , I

They should trade him , I feel sad when I see stars droping

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I wonder why people even

I wonder why people even bother trying to play NBA basketball after a serious injury after the age of 28 or so, it seems that people are so quick to write off even former All-Stars and scoring champions as bench players before they are even back at full strength. Given this trend, I doubt he'll see minutes as the team seems to be in rebuilding mode and clearing out everyone who has been there a while except Bogut.

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could be held onto until all

could be held onto until all star break as a key piece to bring in an elite talent that always becomes available around the break. likely bought out afterwards similar to t-mac last year.

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