Will Game 7 live up to the hype?

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Will Game 7 live up to the hype?

After a very entertaining series and an EPIC Game 6, everything is on the line tonight for Game 7. By all the buzz this should be must watch TV. After seeing Vintage Timmy (Super Nintendo Timmy?) and a 30-10-10 effort from LeBron what more can they do for an encore?

Can Tony Parker be awesomely bad (most of the game shooting wise) AND awesomely good (3 pointer late then the nifty lay up) in the same game? If the Spurs win, Tony Parker is on the short list of Spurs who could walk away (or in his case, gingerly hobble) with the Finals MVP award, which would be his second?

Will Trick or Treat Manu bounce back from Trick Manu? He has skills even if he is old, old even for a guy with the classic "old man game". Maybe Old Man Game worked earlier in the playoffs, or even as late as Game 5. But does he have one more "Vintage Old Man Game" left in him?

Danny Green went nuts for the first 5 games and was held in check by the Heat in game 6. Especially when he was blocked (umm, and, uhh, held) by Chris Bosh in the waning seconds. Can he bounce back? I think he has to for the Spurs to pull it out. I think he needs at least 3 three pointers. Four or five would be nice.

Ray Allen has been coming on strong down the stretch. The original Danny Green is now showing Danny Green how it's done. After a great Game 5 in a futile effort, Ray Ray nonetheless found his shot again and made a playoff record 2 four point plays in a single game. Then he hits THE SHOT in game 6 to send the game into overtime. That was one classic shot. An iconic shot even, in a series with quiet a few iconic plays (shots, dunks, blocks, and, uh, shots). I am not expecting another buzzer beater by Ray Allen in Game 7 (although, the way this series is going you can't rule out anything), but I still expect a locked in and focused Ray Allen for Game 7. And, is it just me or did Ray Allen do a great job on Danny Green in game 6. Green got very few looks and couldn't get open. Danny Green just couldn't get the separation he needed to get his shot off. I think some of that has to do with Ray Allen's defense.

Kawhi Leonard, Mike Miller, Gary Neal, and Birdman are some of the other unsung role players who have each had their moments. Tiago Splitter as well has had his moments. Unfortunately, he has been on the wrong side of many of those "moments". Shane Battier struggled for much of this series but he is looking a bit better now. He may be the X factor of X factors for Game 7. He can stretch the floor, play smart basketball, and I think he matches up with Kawhi Leonard better than Mike Miller. So I think the Heat need some solid, if not strong play, from Shane Battier.

I hope this turns out to be a great game. History says the Heat should win. The last team to win Game 7 of the NBA Finals on the road was the 1978 Washington Bullets team. That was a long time ago.

After a thrilling series and an epic game 6, tonight's Finale has a lot of pressure to live up to the hype (similar to the pressure on LeBron James). It may not live up to the hype (how can it?), but never say never...

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I would be very surprised if

I would be very surprised if its close...heat by 10,and im a spurs fan.
Btw I think its crazy that 2 questionnable coaching decisions in final 20 sec wete highly responsible for heat wins in those playoffs...first the decision not to play Hibbert that led to James layup,second not playing Duncan which led to Bosh having a choldishly easy rebound over Ginobili that led to Allen 3.No way Duncan isnt rebounding that...credit where its due though,amazong shot by Allen.

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I think it's not going to be

I think it's not going to be close no matter who wins. Depends on how well either team defends the 3.

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It would be epic if it comes

It would be epic if it comes down to a lebron buzzer beater shot attempt at the end to decide his legacy and the teams season

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I think it could very well be

I think it could very well be close. Game to Game momentum has meant nothing this series, now suddenly people are acting like the Spurs are "defeated". I'd bet on a close game.

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It's going to be a good and

It's going to be a good and close game but nowhere near as good as game 6

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I just hope its back and

I just hope its back and forth all game. There's been way too many stretches in this series, and the whole playoffs really, where one team looked completely overwhelmed by scoring run by the other team.
I do think it will be a tight game at the end though.. Spurs will forget all about Game 6 once this one tips off and Lebron will come out attacking and Heat won't be in a deep hole like last game. Hopefully stars show up though, no disappearing acts by Manu, Wade and the others.

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Timmy had a huge game by

Timmy had a huge game 6 by design. The Heat stopped sending the double team (finally) to avoid leaving open shooters on the perimeter and to avoid scrambling on Parkers dribble penetration.

The Spurs like to say "you can't stop everything"... which is very true. The Heats best bet to win this game (just as it was in game 6) is to make Duncan be the one who beats you and hope he gets tired in the second half... which is exactly what happened in the back end of the 4th quarter and overtime of game 6.

Lebron locks down Parker, and the perimeter players take care of open shooters. This allows you to avoid wasting excessive energy chasing the ball all over the court on D. Timmy 1 on 1 against Birdman or Bosh ends up being the focal point and the "weakness" in the Heats D. Giving up a 2 is still better then an open 3 or an "And 1" drive by Parker and you conserve energy for the late game push.

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No doubt about it. Im

No doubt about it. Im smelling an absolute classic.

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