Will Barton's return

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Will Barton's return

Coach expects him back to return in a couple of weeks. With that said, how much better do you think he will he make them? Guy had a pretty solid year last year. I think this will solidify them as the second best team in the west. IT is targetting a december return, not sure the impact it will have though.

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They have Michael Porter Jnr

They have Michael Porter Jnr too, so add in those 3 eventually and it will either be a massive offensive boost or really hard for the unit to function with so many guys that need the ball.

I would tend to keep the current starting lineup of Murray, Harris, Juancho, Millsap and Jokic together, but Barton may be hard to keep out of the lineup. He may not appreciate going back to the bench after earning a larger role.

IT needs to be ball dominant, so that makes it hard for Morris, who has done a very good job with a 7:1 assist to TO ratio at the moment I believe.

Could this be a team who could surprise with a move for a star player? They have the assets. Could they make a play for AD? They have made big deals in the not too distant past - Carmelo Anthony out, Iverson in..

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