Wiggins foot speed

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Wiggins foot speed


don't know if you already watched this first vid' of Wiggins dunkin' on Cole Aldrich, but did you notice the foot speed, the number of little steps he made to place himself in the best position (and avoid those awfull travelling we watched all years by superstars in the nba).

very impressive when you compare to the way Aldrich run the floor by his side...

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Haha, Cole

Haha, Cole was just like "screw this, I'm not even going to try!" Even with that being a pretty vicious dunk, he just looked so fluid and comfortable throughout that entire move. I would have loved to have seen him play with McLemore, could have been quite the duo.

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He's crazy athletic that's

He's crazy athletic that's for sure.

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This guys the real deal. He's

This guys the real deal.
He's got extremely long arms to so can finish with authority from a standstill position under the basket like a power forward can.

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Anybody else notice that he's

Anybody else notice that he's primarily a two foot jumper?

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but quick two foot

You know some people take long to gather . he seems to get great explosion just off the flick off his feet. I imagine hes got good amout of one foot lift just because of his speed though.

All this dunkig is nice I just wanna see how he handles the ball against college guards.

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Also, you can clearly see on

Also, you can clearly see on the video that when he grabs the ball, the space between his thumb and his index is exactly 2,8 inches, ie textbook. This looks very, very promising, guys.

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