Why is Willie Cauley-Stein so highly rated?

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Why is Willie Cauley-Stein so highly rated?

He seems to be a solid big man who could be a decent back up in the NBA, but just don't understand why people think he's a lottery pick. I haven't seen him play much so maybe it's because he's an effort guy. Anyway could somebody explain why he's so highly rated, because I can't see why he is.

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the nba needs bigs and hes

the nba needs bigs and hes skilled. thats why

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He's a 7foot athlete. Could become like a Javale McGee.l and have a good impact on the game

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He's raw offensively,but he

He's raw offensively,but he does a good job of protecting the rim,he's high energy,competitive,underrated passer and he runs the floor well...

Out of all the centers that might be in this draft,including Nerlens Noel he might have the most upside..I think that's why alot of people are high on him...I'd love to see him be able to hit the 10 footer and become stronger....

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He's a good prospect because

He is a legit 7 footer and a great athlete. Also he has great hands because he was a 7 foot wide receiver in high school.

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Thank you @kinguy

Thank you @kinguy

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He's 7 feet tall, athletic,

He's 7 feet tall, athletic, and he can get up to 270-275 lbs.

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He is a skilled big guy from

He is a skilled big guy from Kentucky University, that is 3 good reasons in my book.

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I'm not sure why you would

I'm not sure why you would take Cauley Stein over Whithey.. From what I've seen from Cauley-Stein I have not been impressed, strikes me as a backup, best case...

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The reason he is so high is

The reason he is so high is because he has potential. It is difficult to find athletic 7 footers. He also is benefiting from a very weak draft. If this was last years draft, he would probably be projected as a late first round, early second round pick.

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You take him over Withey because of the "P" word!

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He may be the most physically

He may be the most physically gifted player in the draft, after Nerlens Noel. Over 7'0" in socks, which means he is taller than just about every 7 footer in the NBA, haha. He also is strong, with room to get stronger. Plus, Cauley-Stein runs the floor well and has shown some flashes of post play.

That said, I wouldn't take him in the lottery. This center class is pretty strong, so he could slide. I worry he is a player who just won't develop fast enough to really get much of a shot or help the team that drafts him. He has said that he will return, which is a smart decision, as he has a lot of room to grow and improve his stock.

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Skilled? What are you guys

Skilled? What are you guys watching?

He's C size, is mobile and went to Kentucky. That's pretty much it.

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So is the definition of

So is the definition of "skilled" for a big man now a days being able to make a layup with both hands and dominate player 3-5 inches shorter than you? WCS is intriguing as a prospect because he is big, long, mobile and athletic. He has no post moves besides a simple drop-step and shoots 37% from the free throw line. He is being drafted solely based on potential and nothing else.

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He's big, very athletic,

He's big, very athletic, plays hard, rebounds and can block shots. Even if he doesn't develop much of an offensive game, just his rebounding and shotblocking will make him valuable. In this draft, or any draft, that's not a bad player to come away with.

I'm actually surprised he didn't get more chances offensively because he looked so good in the Blue-Gray game against Noel before the season started. Granted, that was when Noel was still in his high school phase of not going hard but Cauley hit turnaround jumpers, hook shots and exhibited advanced footwork. If someone was so raw offensively, they would not be able to execute those moves even in a scrimmage. It's not much to go on but I think there's a chance of offensive promise, enough so that with his athleticism and the defensive value he brings, he should absolutely be a lottery pick.

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Raw, athletic, physical big

Raw, athletic, physical big with good hands. Potential to be a game changer or bust, but since its a weak draft a team will take a chance rather than pass on him and have him become the next Deandre Jordan.

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He is a mobile 7fter that is

He is a mobile 7fter that is a good athlete not great with defensive potential.

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