Why haven't Jennings or Nate Robinson gotten jobs?

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Why haven't Jennings or Nate Robinson gotten jobs?

Jennings is a very good pg, Although he says he doesn't want to go back to the bucks. Some team should definitely pick him up. As a RFA I thought the Mavs would have tried but they signed Calderon and Ellis. As for Nate, I know there are a couple teams that could use a spark plug off the bench yet no team seems all that interested. I wonder why, 2 very good players that should have already found homes are still looking.

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He is a good player but unpredictable , one game he hits 6-7 threes , and the next one he is 3-16 from the field , his FG% is about 40 , that's not high , but i really liked when he started to play as a true PG he had 30-something assists in 2 games i think.
He is not the ideal starting PG if you are a contender ...
I am surprised about Nate just like you.

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Everybody hates Nate

It seems to be a common theme that teams just don't like Nate, I have no idea why and neither does he(I'm a huge fan of him), he's one of the best Sixth mans in the league and can go off at any given time. He's a bad defender mostly because of his height. I'd rather have him over Korver who got a 4/24 contract but Nate will be left with the vet minimum most likely. I've heard Rumors about the Mavs, Knicks, Nuggets, Bucks, Wizards, and Lakers (Yeah D'antoni + Nate = bad combo, we've been through this) interested in him. I think teams are just a bit afraid of the guy because his height, past character issues (which were overblown), and poor defense. He's always forced to prove himself again and again, but once he gets on a team he'll be an instant fan favorite and a great high energy bench guy (I've never seen a teammate say anything but great things about him).

For Jennings, I don't want the guy on my team. He's a low percentage shooter, not a great passer (well he might be one if he shows more willingness), and I just don't think he's going to help my team win (sort of like his former teammate Ellis). He's a good player, but I just don't think he's a guy you want on your team. He'll find a place though.

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Jennings isn't even a good

Jennings isn't even a good PG, let alone a very good one.
Also, nobody wants to pay him what he thinks he's worth because he's delusional.

Nate will get an exception deal (I think more likely a taxpayer MLE) somewhere after teams use up more of their cap space. He proved his value last yr, but he's right in that middle area of not commanding a good chunk of change and not being a near minimum player. Last I heard, the Knicks and Nuggets are interested.

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For me

For me personally, I'd take BJennings over Nate Rob any day. I think BJennings is a good Point Guard and is still very young. He has a lot of room to grow and improve, but he is not as bad people make him seem. The Bucks had no good players. He had no one to pass the ball too other than Monta Ellis. He'll be much more efficient and under control, I THINK, if he was in a place he wanted to play at and with better players surrounding him. I like his game, personally.

As for Nate Rob, I've never been a fan. He's too small and cant play point guard for me. He's not a good passer to me, he's a volume shooter and ALWAYS a liability defensively. Positively, I think he can be a spark plug off the bench. He can score the ball. But he just doesnt do it for me. I'd rather have other spark plugs such as Jamal Crawford, JR Smith, Marcus Thornton, and guys like that who can really fill it up.

I'm just not going to be eager to sign a 5'9 average shooting guard.

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Supply and demand. Small,

Supply and demand.

Small, shoot first guards whose value is completely dependent on taking a high volume of shots are the most abundant resource in pro basketball. Factor in that both guys are also loafers on defense and not too many teams are going to shell out for them. My guess is Jennings takes his qualifying offer and looks to be an UFA next season and nate takes a one year deal to be a bench scorer for a contender again.

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brandon jennings

i dont care who you are if you can score 55 points in a nba game as a rookie you can ball. As for his low percentage i think that has alot to do with the fact he has no real talent on his team so he had shots like a first option which i dont think he is. If jennings could get on team were hes the third option i think his percentage and his assits can improve alot

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It's a shame Jennings will

It's a shame Jennings will never reach his potential. If he took a contract on that would allow him to be a 3rd scoring option on a good team, there is no question he would end up a better player that could be deserving of something close to a max deal to run a contender. That will never happen because poor teams will continue to over pay him and put him on sub par teams.

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How can you say he's a very

How can you say he's a very good pg?? We're talking about a guy whose career fg% is 39% and who averages 5.7 assists per game in almost 35 mins. Put that together with him asking for a big contract and there's your reason he hasn't gotten one.

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Jennings problem is his

Jennings problem is his asking price I am sure. I am not sure what team would want to give him a long term deal that is worth what I am sure he wants. Jennings should go the Mayo route and play on a one-year deal and show that he can improve on some aspects while showing he has the talent to be a top 10 PG in the league.

Nate is going to be based on what team needs him to help them win games. He really isnt needed on an already bad team....and he likely isnt needed on a contender and wouldnt get much burn. He is more suited for a middle of the pack team who may be looking to get over a hump...be it getting in the playoffs, past the 1st round, etc. Its kind of a tough sell, he is more of an insurance policy.

Its a tough sell for both because teams are either trying to get better or worse fast in 2014. Neither can really help you out on defense either.

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You wonder why teams aren't interested in Nate and why he doesn't have a job? Small, can't defend, makes terrible decisions- with the basketball and behavioral, deviates from plays and does his own thing, not a team player, selfish, unprofessional, KNUCKLEHEAD! There is a reason he will be on 7 different teams and riding a lot of bench during his career. Yes he has been able to have a long NBA career thanks to his incredible athleticism, excitement factor, and scoring ability, but to wonder why teams have been rushing to shove a pen and paper in his face to sign is a little curious. Really, same goes for Jennings. Like @fcb206 said, "Small, shoot first guards whose value is completely dependent on taking a high volume of shots are the most abundant resource in pro basketball."

Andrew Goudelock will be just fine, and most likely more efficient in the same role. If the Bulls don't decide to fill their last spot with another big like they want to. Goudelock could be making them change their minds, killing in SL.

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