Why do people say the Raptors need to draft a Point Guard?

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Why do people say the Raptors need to draft a Point Guard?

I constantly hear talk about the Toronto Raptors needing to get a new Point Guard. People say they should draft for a new one (Probably Damian Lillard). I'm wondering why though.

Jose Calderon who is the starting PG for Toronto has the highest assists/turnover ratio in the entire league which is good, and he still has about 3 or 4 good years of basketball in him.

After him the Raptors have Jerryd Bayless who is a decent scorer and did alright this season after Jose Calderon got injured and Bayless got the start.

My question is why do people still say the Raptors need help at the point guard position. Shouldn't they focus on drafting a Small Forward which is the position I think they need the most help at?

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They need someone at every

They need someone at every postion honestly.

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Raptors need some new blood

Raptors need some new blood at the pg spot and most likely drafting 8th can grab Tony Wroten Jr and then they can trade for or sign a vet f/a SF if JJ or Kleiza can't step up.

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Bayless is best served

Bayless is best served playing a 6th man Jason Terry type role. Joses is 31 and his contract is up after next year so why not start looking toward the future. I think they need to take best player available, they shouldn't feel set at any position.

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the reality is that they

the reality is that they would small forward, but a good one wont be available so the their next biggest need is a point guard...as mentioned Jose is good but hes getting old and will expire soon, they need a young PG to build with

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It's possible that MKG or Barnes will be available or they get a good draw in the lotto

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I'm not sold on drafting a pg

I'm not sold on drafting a pg either but the case for doing so would be that Calderon's greatest value to the team this year will be his 10 mil expiring contract. Contending teams in need of a veteran backup pg that can shoot the 3, run an offense and do it efficiently will offer up something of value to get him before the deadline.

The second reason would be that they don't consider Bayless as part of the long term plans. Personally I think Bayless can put up some good numbers as a starter but I don't really see him as the kind of pg that makes his teammates better... and Derozan and Bargnani, imo, both need that kind of playmaker.

Thirdly, there arent too many options at SF where the Raps will be picking. Perry Jones? Although Colangelo probably thinks he can play the 3 ( he was convinced Bargnani could), that guy is a PF to me. The other option is to draft a sg and move Derozan but considering Derozan can't cover sg's, I dont see him doing too well against the likes of bigger, stronger guys either.

I hope we pakcage the pick and Ed Davis for a younger, but still established guy to play the wing and take our chances with Bayless at the point.

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Like what Chilbert said,

Like what Chilbert said, Bayless isn't gonna be a starting point guard in the NBA and Jose is gettin old and is slowly on the decline as a player. The point guard position is arguably the most important position in the leage right now, look at how many teams have a star player at the pg position. The raptors dont have that star in Bayless or Calderon so this is why I believe the Raptors need a point guard.

I still feel as though they should fill the whole at the 3 and draft best available player. There is no point guard in the upcoming draft that is worth taking with the 8th pick so drafting a pg would be kind of stupid.

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Wait wait wait!

Pro 1, did you say Tony Wroten at 8? I've got no problem with that player, he's very talented, but giving him the 8th spot is surely far-fetched.

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I read online the other day

I read online the other day about how Colangelo was raving about Austin Rivers upside & his marquee value....But Rivers might pull a Steve Francis and want to play in a larger market and in the states....

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They need one because Jose

They need one because Jose Calderon will not be there when the team is good, and Jerryd Bayless is not a creator for anyone but himself. Damian Lillard is not the point guard the need either, but the whole fascination with the PER of a Big Sky combo guard is beyond me.

The real reason to get a point guard is that they invested heavily in Jonas Valanciunas, Amir Johnson, Ed Davis, Andrea Bargnani, and DeMar DeRozan as well as contractually invested in Kleiza and Forbes. Of the guys who can score in that group, they certainly aren't much in the way of passers. The non-Bargs big men are all reliant on others to help them score. They need someone to make the parts fit.

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Calderon can't stay in front

Calderon can't stay in front of anybody and Bayless is injury prone.

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trade down a few spots and pick marshall

imo marshall would fit in very well with is great passing ability and ability too run a team but he prolly isnt worth the 8 pick so id try too pick up a player and a lower pick and grab marshall

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Not a good defender and he's only been healthy for one full season since he's been drafted, ONE. They need a new a direction at the position. Bayless is a two.

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a need but the #1 need

raptors need some perimeter scoring in the worst way. a guy like barnes who can put up points on the perimeter would open up the floor for bargnani to operate. calderon is a guy who may not be a franchise guy but more than capable of being a pg on a successful team.

I like what wroten brings as he could have time as a back up this year and work on his shooting and from calderon. The first pick has to be a scoring sf or sg and if a guy like wroten falls into bottom half of draft then try to trade back in by packaging up a big (davis or johnson) with the rights to bayless. I could see a competitive team taking a back up big man with potential and scoring option off the bench instead of waiting on a rookie who may not contribute for few years

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I won't draft any of the "PG"

I won't draft any of the "PG" available with the #8 pick. There are better players. The key to drafting is to take the Best Player Available.

I would try to trade away one of Bargnani, Amir Johnson or Ed Davis and draft a PF like Sullinger if he's the BPA.

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Because Calderon cant guard a

Because Calderon cant guard a lawn chait. We've seen the best of him, they need a lead guard for the future. Bayless is not a floor general

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The position raptors need

The position raptors need most is Superstar. Everything else is meaningless.

Best player available.

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I feel like most writers from

I feel like most writers from th US know very little about the Raptors. They see very little of them on US TV and deem them unimportant. Calderon is easy to pick at because people have been doing it for years. If you take away the elite point guards like Rose, Williams, Paul etc. He is in second teir of point guards. The fact that he gets so many assists on such a low scoring team never turns ball over and shoots high percentage from feild and line any team without top tier guard he would make better. Casey said in interview this week he was one most impressive players on team and that his defense was overblown. He is not a press cover point guard but in a solid defensive system he does fine.

The Raptors need Barnes and to get back into draft in first round grab best player available. If they are not impatient and continue to build properly through the draft, they can be good for a long time.

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Calderon isn' a top young

Calderon isn' a top young guard, but this team is years from competing anyway. Jose spaces the floor and is an excellent passer, which will help the other players develop. No sense in reaching for a 1 this year when they can let Calderon help make them better later.

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Calderons stats always

Calderons stats always mislead a bit. And he has long since peaked as a player. But at the 8th pick frankly you just want to get a starting nba level player, so you should go best available and not by position.

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