Who you starting?

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Who you starting?

Just a question about a few teams and who you would start.

Lakers: Josh Hart or KCP
Hornets: Malik Monk or Jeremy Lamb
Pacers: Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis
Pelicans: Nikola Mirotic or Julius Randle
Sixers: Markelle Fultz or JJ Redick
Suns: Trevor Ariza or Josh Jackson or Mikal Bridges
Kings: WCS & Skal or Marvin Bagley & Harry Giles

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Great question. A lot of the

Great question. A lot of the answers lie in how much they’ve improved over the offseason, but without knowing that...

Lakers: Hart - great player

Hornets: Lamb - Monk still hasn’t shown me enough

Pacers: Turner - higher ceiling - but Sabonis is right on his heels

Pelicans - Mirotic - just a far better lineup fit

Sixers - Fultz - probably a worse player at this point, but I want to build both his confidence and his value

Suns - Ariza AND Jackson (at the 3 & 4) - Warren drops to the bench (although with Booker out, I’ll start him too and shift Jackson to the 2)

Kings - tricky! I love Giles, but I’d probably start the season with WCS and Bagley and try and find a trade for WCS

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I like your list

but I'd have to start JJ over Fultz. Let Fultz score from the bench to build confidence. Ben needs shooters around him and JJ is one of the best in the world at it.

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Lakers-Hart ,dude havent

Lakers-Hart ,dude havent reached his potential..Right now a good 3 & D guy,needs work on his in between game..I think KCP has reached his peak...

Hornets-Hard to say becuz neither 1 of those guys have been consistent...

Pacers-For the past 3 yrs,I've Been waiting for Turner to breakout,maybe this will be the year.. TJ Leaf played well last night...

Sixers-Right now i'll say Redick,Becuz of his shooting..But Fultz is gonna be a star...

Suns-Ariza, without a doubt..Anderson has started at PF this preseason..But i think Ariza gets the spot once the season starts and JJ plays the 3...Ariza has been a Jack of All Trades,but a Master of None..Rockets r going to miss him...

Kings-Earlier in the week,didnt the Kings play all 4 of those guys at the same time? lol....WCS,Bagley,Giles

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Lakers - I'll go with Hart

Lakers - I'll go with Hart there is enough experience in starting line up and Hart may be more long term that KCP.

Hornets - I'd go with the younger Monk

Pacers - Turner seems ahead of Sabonis but ideally they play together long term

Suns - Warren started every game he played last season but Ariza has experience plus you need older head on court so one of Anderson or Ariza needs to start. If Anderson starts go with Warren at SF but if Jackson or Bender start at PF then start Ariza at SF.

Kings - I'd go Bagley and WCS

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Lakers: Hart (I'm just not a

Lakers: Hart (I'm just not a fan of KCP)
Hornets: Malik Monk-And give him as many minutes as possible, Lamb hasn't done shhh the last several years.
Pacers: Why not both? Sabonis at the PF. Turner at C. Good High low action in the East.
Pelicans: Randle, Mirotic would be a better spark off the bench and can get quick buckets
Sixers: JJ-That need a proven shooter in the starting line up, Fultz can have more control on the 2nd team
Suns: Ariza- This team is missing vetern leadership, Ariza will bring this.

Kings-WCS and Bags..Bags a 20-10 guy, and WCS because I'm not sold on Skal. I would bring Giles along slowly untill about midseason and maybe start him and Bags.

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Lakers: Hart -All day KCP is a bum and only got paid because of lebron...I hope for their sake no Lebron GM this time as he is sort of in that M.J mould of he is really good at the game just not the team building part..

Hornets: Both are sort of Meh(IMO) but I would probably put lamb as starter to go with Kemba and have Monk play 6th man until his game gets more well rounded

Pacers: Starting Turner, 6th man Sabonis. Saw Sabonis as I watched OKC games that year...He is fudamentally sound just physically a little slow with an average wing span which is where he struggles. Sabonis also seems to do better vs Benches than starting-See OKC starting sample he was sort of Meh/would go missing.

Pelicans: Randle starts at center with Mirotic being 6th man.

76ers: If you want more depth: Start reddick(in name only) and give Futlz more mins due to developing for the future..

Suns: As mentioned above Jackson Sf and Ariza PF and give bridges mins off bench/ to groom him for 6th man role..

Kings: I play Skal and Bagley.

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Hart- cant really think of

Hart- cant really think of one thing kcp does better than him. I have a feeling Walton will at least go with kcp to start the season though.

Lamb- He was actually pretty solid last season and monk just hasn’t shown enough yet to warrant significant playing time

Turner- ideally you want both these guys on the court 30 plus mins but how well can they function together on defense?

Mirotic- The pelicans had a great chemistry going with the mirotic/Davis frontcourt last season. Hard to see them breaking that up

Reddick- although it seems like they are committed to trying fultz, I’d still go with reddick until fultz proves he can make defenses respect his jumper

Jackson and ariza- I’m going small with Jackson at 3 and ariza at 4 to start the season. I have a feeling ariza doesn’t last the season in Phoenix though.

Bagley and Giles-Kings need to just embrace the future and see what these guys are made of

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Hart- KCPs days as a starter

Hart- KCPs days as a starter in the league should be numbered. He's more of a spaz/effort guy than a true 3 and D. Hart's just the smarter, tougher player and being stronger has more defensive versatility.

Lamb- he's earned the starting position. Hes actually been solid for a while but has been jerked around. As was mentioned, he was solid last year. He's more versatile offensively with his shooting from all levels and ability to handle PnR. Monk looks like he's destined to be a 6th man, if he pans out at all.

Turner- theoretically he provides the rim protection needed in that starting lineup, whereas Sabonis looks like the solid supersub who can come in and provide stability at either position. If Turner shows more consistency from the outside, I'd like to see them play together more, but the Pacers team defense would have to improve.

Mirotic- better fit next to AD, better player. Their SL needs as much shooting as they can get. It's really that simple.

I don't see why they couldn't start both Redick and Fultz in the backcourt along with Covington, Simmons and Embiid. Simmons can't be the only handler in the SL, he's just not that good of a scoring threat.

I'd start Giles and Bags. If they're treating Giles with kid gloves and bringing him on slowly then I'd actually start Koufos over WCS, who I think is complete garbage. At last Koufos stays solid and does a lot of the little things that WCS does not. Only reason WCS starts is if they're trying to trick other teams into trading for him, but I think other teams see him for what he is. He was billed as a switchable rim protector but he actually sucks defensively bc he's so dumb.

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As for the suns I think they

As for the suns I think they should start Booker, Jackson and Ariza together. They currently don't have a starting caliber PG so why even start one? Booker and Jackson can handle ball handling duties and Jackson is versatile enough defensively to chase 1s.

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Lakers: Josh Hart or KCP-

Lakers: Josh Hart or KCP- Hart

Hornets: Malik Monk or Jeremy Lamb-Monk

Lamb has been given so many oppurtunities to thrive in a starters role. Last year he strung together his most consistent season coming off the bench for the majority of the year. With Charlotte constantly missing the playoffs and Kemba looking like hes on his way out they need to try to develop their young talent and see what they can do when given a consistent oppurtunity. Monk's upside as a scorer is very high I could easily see him developing into a Lou WIlliams type player.

Pacers: Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis-Turner

Pelicans: Nikola Mirotic or Julius Randle-Randle

Sixers: Markelle Fultz or JJ Redick-Fultz Either way works well but for the playoffs I'd like Redick leading that 2nd unit.

Suns: Trevor Ariza or Josh Jackson or Mikal Bridges-Ariza Force the young guys to learn defensive fundimentals that Ariza displays before they are granted minutes. Create competition.

Kings: WCS & Skal or Marvin Bagley & Harry Giles-WCS I dont think any of the other players are even NBA ready on both ends of the floor. Maybe Im wrong though see what they bring.

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Lakers: Josh Hart or KCP -

Lakers: Josh Hart or KCP - I'd start Josh Hart, I believe he is equally as good but plays with a lot more heart and effort.

Hornets: Malik Monk or Jeremy Lamb - I know that they aren't playing to win but I think they should start Lamb and make Monk really work for that starting spot.

Pacers: Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis - I'd actually start Sabonis and Turner beside each other. Sabonis was one of my favourite prospects in college. But if I had to pick one to start I'd pick Turner, his upside and love from the fans beats Sabonis.

Pelicans: Nikola Mirotic or Julius Randle - Randle. Randle isn't boogie but I'd love to see him play in a similar role. He is a better player than Niko but Niko's skillset might complement Davis better. I'd still take Randle though.

Sixers: Markelle Fultz or JJ Redick - J.J. Redick, I'm a huge Fultz fan but I'm still not completely convinced in his jumpshot even after his pre-season performance. Until he proves that he can be the shot creator he was once, I want Redick beside Simmons and not Fultz.

Suns: Trevor Ariza or Josh Jackson or Mikal Bridges - My Suns lineup at the moment would be Booker, Jackson, Ariza, Warren, Ayton. But if I'm picking between Ariza and Jackson, I'm definitely going with Jackson. Ariza will be a great mentor for the younger players but Jackson is their future and it is better to develop him by giving him the minutes.

Kings: WCS & Skal or Marvin Bagley & Harry Giles - I'm not a big Bagley fan but I don't hate him. I want to say WCS and Skal but I'm going to have to go with Bagley and Giles... the potential!!!

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Lakers: Josh Hart, more well rounded player, KCP has the speed on him but that's it, i think he'll be a better fit in the 2nd unit with rondo(scoring punch) than in the 1st with ball and lebron, Hart is a lebron guy, he can be trusted(making shots as a spot up shooter, making the right play, the rebound you need, the screen, the cut, just a better small ball guard than KCP).

Hornets: Jeremy Lamb, more established, better fit with his small buddy Kemba, Monk should become a gunner off the bench while developping some playmaking skills against weaker competition.

Pacers: Myles Turner, better fit with Young and the other starters, Sabonis is also better fit with the benchers than Turner would be( a nice bench BTW) so, synergy i guess, could be really close in PT tho.

Pelicans: Nikola Mirotic, they'll need his shooting in the starting lineup, Randle elite 6th men off the bench(30 minutes ish), he does a bit of everything on his own, he'll have to play at the 4 and the 5, mirotic won't.

Randle has to be top 2 candidate for 6th men of the year, if they're a PO team.

Sixers: JJ Redick, again the shooting, + his usage rate is what embiid-simmons and Saric need, Fultz becoming 6th men instant offense, they lost belinelli/ilyasova's prod off the bench, he'll have to produce alongside Chandler and McConnell.

Suns:Jackson will help a bit in the playmaking, at the 2 or at the 3(booker lead guard or a weak ass starting PG) Ariza will play the 3 or the 4, these 2 are locked with booker and Ayton, then the real question is who's the 5th guy.

Oh boy, it's a mess at the 1 and 4 spot, i could be in favor of playing the 5 best players(booker-jax-warren-ariza-ayton) but it could be pretty weak in all areas(passing, shooting, defense) while the bench would be terrible at the same time(warren's purpose as a 15 PPG 6th men).

Kings: I'll go WCS and Bagley, worst offense in the league, 36yo Z-bo leading scorer last year, they drafted him for his offense, because he's strictly a 4 and because he can run with Fox, let's do it, protect Giles the jewel in his rookie season, monitoring his minutes.

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Lakers: Hart Hornets:

Lakers: Hart
Hornets: Lamb
Pacers: Turner for now
Pelicans: Randle
Sixers: Redick also for now
Suns: Ariza and Jackson
Kings: WCS and Skal, although I’d swap Skal with Bagley if I can

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