Who would you take Udoh or Whiteside?

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It would depend on the

It would depend on the team.

I think Udoh is better head-to-head, but one is a PF and one is a C. It's definitely a matter of team need

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Lol, funny because I just

Lol, funny because I just wrote a piece on this:

If you were to ask Danny Granger, I would be shock if he leaned toward Hassan Whiteside. Ask yourself what are you getting from Whiteside in his rookie year and second year in the league. I actually believe if Byron Mullens dropped, Deandre Jordan dropped, and Sixers' Speights, there's no way in hell that Whiteside will contribute for a lottery team with favorable results. Then again, those stats in college shows some type of incentive. All that said, his best round-about would be falling to the Spurs. His athleticism isn't wowing no Center in the league, and his offensive execution is too slow for his size at this point. He's still growing. I like him as a long-term project, as that of Andrew Bynum.

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I take Whiteside because he

I take Whiteside because he has rediculous length and although right now his speed is at center i think he can transition to PF.

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If your rebuliding and patient Whiteside...if you want a more NBA ready to help Udoh

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Also I dont see why Whiteside

Also I dont see why Whiteside could not be like Noah and Chandler who are smaller longer athletic Centers. Yall are all right it depends on need. Udoh would give you help quicker but Whiteside potential is through the roof. Whiteside is in a position where it is all on him whether he is a great center or not. He has all the spec to be one of the greats. Even lazy Jerome James was able to look like a quality Center from time to time and he did not have all the raw talent as whiteside. Whiteside will have to get bigger or stronger possibly both and learn when to pick and screen and some defensive schemes.
Most of time it takes big men a while. Brook came in right away. Robin Lopez needed a season or two. Oden is still working on it. Howard took at least 3 seasons to be more than just a highlight. Perkins and Chandler took about 3 or 4 seasons. Dalembert took about 3 or 4 seasons. Bynum took like 4 or 5 seasons.
The average big man take times before you see the results. It Jermaine O'neal some time but when he came he was an All Star.

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whiteside is going to be a

whiteside is going to be a flop so udoh

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If the Jazz don't draft this kid with the ninth pick I'll be impossible to live with for a week afterward.

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I would take

Whiteside because he has more potential and I think even right now could do better than Udoh plus he will take a while to develop and with a higher ceiling the pacers might as well take him because it's not like they are contenders right now, they have time to develop him,

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Udoh all day

Udoh all day

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I would pick Udoh, which is why the selection of Whiteside over Udoh for the Bucks has me slightly annoyed in the newest mock draft.

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