Who would you rather have?

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Who would you rather have?

For one game, and one game only.. Kendrick Perkins or Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum, although more mobile, he's not as intimidating as Kendrick Perkins. Although he is the better offensive player, Perkins brings instant toughness and passion to your team. Who would you take?

I am aware that Bynum is probably the better player, but Perk brings something that Bynum doesn't, that's heart, passion, and toughness.

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It depends what you mean. Do

It depends what you mean. Do you mean on your favorite team or just if you had four other generic players? I feel like Bynum would stand out more without other good bigs competing with him for minutes but Perkins thrives more being a glue guy who plays better off his team.

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Give me Perkins he doesnt

Give me Perkins he doesnt have the injury issues

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If I have Pau Gasol

Then I would rather have Perkins defensive ability which lets Pau guard strickly the pf.

If I have a young unproven team then I would rather have Bynum because he has that "breakout game" potential to help lead your team.

So pretty much any championship/solid playoff team = Perkins

Any team thats going to be on the losing side of talent= Bynum

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I'd take Perkins, when

I'd take Perkins, when healthy last year guys he was guarding scored the fewest points per shot and shot insanely low percentages. A guy that big who defends the way he does is perfect to anchor a championship team. Bynum is a big problem for opposing centers to guard, but he gets hurt every season. Perkins his hurt now, but this is his first major injury so I take D and a better chance of staying healthy over a better all around player who plays 30-60 games a year.

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Bynum and why is this a debate...

Bynum's injury's aren't that career threatening...And his talent trumps Perkins by a mile...It could be that Perkins look 40 but I believe Bynum is younger and has room to grow...

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It depends on the low post

It depends on the low post player around them. Matter of fact, it depends on the amount of scorers on the top.

On a team with either a good low post compliment or a number of good scorers, I'd pick Perkins. I like his post D and intimidation factor.

If I'm a team with limited scorers, I'd pick Bynum. Bynum scores better and is actually a much better rebounder (despite being only decent for his size). People don't realize it, but Perkins is a very very mediocre rebounder, especially for as hard as he works.

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ill take bynum regardless of

ill take bynum regardless of the teammates around him. Hes just better then perkins.

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I would take perkins cause he

I would take perkins cause he plays with passion and like he loves basketball Bynum to me seems like he plays because he is tall and he had no other choice but to play ball. Bynum is the better overall player but I would still prefer perkins and the energy he brings and his toughness.

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