Who Will Be Better?

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Who Will Be Better?

Which team u guys think will be better, the Hakws or the Bucks? I'm going with the Bucks...The Hawks is a very good team, but their dysfunctional...Everyone saw in the playoffs, how they weren't on the same page...And now Jamal Crawford came out saying, the Hawks should've continued cutting big checks, after they gave Joe Johnson all that money,he should've got extended...I sense some jealousy...Plus Bibby is getting older and older, it seems like he's on the decline...and I don't know if Teague is ready to take over the starting point guard duties and contribute this season...Although, I do believe he will be a starter for them eventually, if not this upcoming season, then the 2011-2012 season...The Bucks to me has a more well rounded team, they like playing with each other, and Bogut is a legit 7'0, playing center, with lots of skills...Bogut is a true low post presence...Horford is more a power forward, he kind of remind me of Horace Grant...Furthermore, with Mike Woodson gone, the Hawks may abandon their defensive mindset...Larry Drew, their new coach said he will try to make them more up tempo, hopefully they don't become like the Warriors, where they run up and down and score, but play no d'

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I think the reason the Hawks weren't on the same page is because of Mike Woodson. He is one of the most stubborn coaches in the League. After game 2, Bucks coach realizes the Hawks switch defense is something he can attack, and it works. He exposes their weakness and Woodson does nothing about it until game 6!!!

That series got him fired after seeing his team win 53 games in the reg. season. With a new coach and new philosophy, I think the Hawks can be better than Milwaukee.

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I agree with that post Mel.

I agree with that post Mel. Everything you said was true man. I think the Hawks will be ahead too, but it'll be super close.I think the emergence of Jennings and the return of Bogut, along with all the role-players they brought in will make Milwaukee a top 5 contender in the East, but Atlanta has all of it's key guys back and I think Bibby and Teague will compliment each other well enough for them to not fall off. I like the Hawks over the Bucks slightly.

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i'm thinkin the bucks will be better

i think with jennings getting better and bogut (if he can come back and play the way he was playin) they will be really good... along with meggate, cdr, gooden ( who i think is solid ) and salmons i think that they are deeper then ATL and if larry saunders can provide some energy they will be good.... also a scott skiles team will always play tough defence and i just think that outside of JJ and JSmoth milwakee got them everywhere else... a lot will depend on the growth of jennings and bogut will be huge.

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im going with milwaukee too.

im going with milwaukee too. i feel like nobody is going to want to meet them in the playoffs if they are healthy, and i mean nobody. boston is probably best equipped to beat them in a playoff series. but to me even if atlanta has a better regular season record, milwaukee will be the tougher out in the playoffs.

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Fear the Deer

Bucks...all day...CDR must step it up and become an imstant offense guy....

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what are there options on offense?

1st option
2nd option
3rd option
4th option

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the bucks dont really have a

the bucks dont really have a number one scoring option ^^^^
but they got scorers on that team tho... several.... as people have said, no body is gnna want to meet them in the playoffs

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The Bucks might be able to add someone at the trade deadline too,because Michael's Redd expiring contract will be one of the most valuable trade chips in the league this season.

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I say Bucks and it's not even

I say Bucks and it's not even close.

I think the Bucks have better players, coaching and bench. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucks were the 4th seed in the East. I have my doubt if Atlanta could be a top 5 east team because they're making a couple changes and in the offseason, they haven't really improved.

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i have a healthy milwaukee team as either 3 or 4 in the east depending on how well chicago jells. and as the best chance of any eastern team to beat miami in a playoff series. with Atlanta locked in as the 6 seed baring any serious injuries to the teams above them. or Any trades that may happen during the year.

right now i have the east looking like this. in ranking order
tier 1
Tier 2
orlando chicago milwaukee
tier 3
Boston Atlanta

then any other team could have a good year and make the playoffs
its most likley going to be the pacers and the bobcats

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