Who The Warriors NEED To Sign This Off Season

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Who The Warriors NEED To Sign This Off Season

The Warriors are going to try and make some moves this off season to sign guys who fit their playing style for little money, one guy they NEED to sign is 6-2 guard Jimmer Fredette he has struggled in the NBA yes, but he has never been put in situations where he can be successful and has also never been given to to develop into the player he could be, but back to the point. The Warriors like to put up alot of threes and that is the best part of Jimmer's game, he can shoot the ball. He was just recently named the CBA (Chinese Basketball Assocation) MVP he averaged 37.3ppg 8.1rpg and 4.1 apg(Also NBA D-Leauge All-Star game MVP last year) he is 28 years old now so he's not someone your going to turn into an all-star, but he will produce for you if he is given a chance, now I know what your going to say, "Jimmer doesnt play any D and the Warrior pride themselves on D as well as O." Defense isnt something you have to develop like a jump shot or something like Athleticism, defense is all heart it comes down to if you want it or not and if youre 28 years old and just now getting a shot at something you're going to play with a fire under your a** and work as hard as you can ever minute your on the floor (Jonathan Simmons), dont take this the wrong way though, I am not suggesting you start him i'm saying he only plays around 10-12 minutes a game and he will provide depth at that position behind Klay.

Leave a comment below and tell me of some other low cost players who would provide depth and fit the playing style of the Warriors.

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