Who the suns pick in the draft


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i got them picking

tyrke evans,

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Clark or Daye PERIOD!!

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Back-up PG

Most likely they will take the best available PG to sit behind Nash and eventually replace him. I don't think Jennings will slip as low at 14, and neither will Jonny Flynn. If either of those guys are available though, you jump on them. If not, I'd say Eric Maynor.

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I have them taking the best

I have them taking the best PG too.

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Suns Draft

I think there are any number of interesting plays at number 14. I think the Suns have to go for somebody with a high ceiling. No Robin Lopez, thank you very much! You don't make significant progress by finding role players in the draft. You can sign players 5-13 on your roster from the players floating around the league.

I agree with the idea of a young point guard. I don't think Dragic has lived up to their high expectations, although he did show improvement toward the end of last season. My preference among the PG's possibly available at 14:

Jeff Teague, J. Flynn, T. Evans

I still wouldn't mind seeing them take a forward; say Dejuan Blair or James Johnson; and I'd love it if they could get another late first round pick and steal Derrick Brown (what a freak) who could develop into something amazing.

I don't want to see Chase Budinger or Tyler Hansborough or BJ Mullens.

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Rumor has it that they

Rumor has it that they promised Earl Clark that they will take him if he is still there at 14, which seems likely. This would be a great fit for that system because he has excellent size and skill. There is no chance Tyreke Evans falls to 14.

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