who should be the houston rockets starting point guard

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who should be the houston rockets starting point guard

Jeremy Lin or Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley good defender and shooter

Jeremy Lin better with the ball, attacking

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Beverley has played pretty

Beverley has played pretty well this pre-season. I'd give him a shot and see how it works.

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I'd go with Beverly. Harden's

I'd go with Beverly. Harden's going to play 2-on-2 with Dwight a lot, so Lin won't receive many touches. Let him come off the bench and attack the basket while there are more shooters to dish to (Garcia, Casspi, etc.).

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I pick Beverly but I wouldn't

I pick Beverly but I wouldn't rule out Aaron Brooks taking a jab at the starting spot at some point during the season, his best days were with the rockets.

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Patrick Beverley should be

Patrick Beverley should be the starting PG simply because his play-style fits James Harden and Dwight Howard much better than Jeremy Lin.

Patrick Beverley is an off-ball 3pt shooter that plays terrific defense, exactly what you want to pair with a guy like Dwight Howard if you're planning on playing inside/out. He's also a perfect combination for James Harden because Beverley does not mind not having the ball in his hands and can play off of Harden's double teams while knocking down open shots.

Jeremy Lin should come off the bench because he's the type of player that needs the ball in his hands to be effective, and I think we know that he can score 14-18 a game when he does have the ball in his hands. Because of this, bringing Lin with the 2nd unit and making him the 1st option offensively is in his interest. Include the fact that he's not much of the 3pt shooter, it makes it difficult for Dwight and Lin to play inside out (although the pick and roll could be effective). Jeremy Lin could also sub in for James Harden and play some SG if it's against one dimensional players that won't take advantage of him (Redick, Lamb, Belinelli, etc)

Moving Lin to the bench would have nothing to do with individual talent between himself and Beverley rather conflicting styles.

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If Lin will accept being a

If Lin will accept being a super-sub then that will work out great. Who would you pair with him off the bench? Terrance Jones?

Lin would be the bench scorer with Asik defending and rebounding. (I still want to see Dwight at the 4 though).

Another question is, who should start at power forward for the Rockets?

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Tough Call

It's a tough call because I think Lin has more upside, but Beverly is a better fit for this starting line-up. I think a system where Beverly starts to surround Harden and Howard with a better shooter, and then Lin can has a Jamal Crawford type role where he comes off the bench and attacks.

I think it depends on the starting PF as well, and if any other bench players emerge as decent scorers who can carry the load when the starters are resting. If D Mo starts, he'll stretch the floor and then Lin might be fine as the starter, but if they start Asik with Howard (Please trade Asik already!!), they will definitely need all the spacing they can get. None of the other shooters are starting calibre players (Garcia, Casspi, Williams) and need penetration to be open and effective, so may want Lin on the bench. They may also just make a small trade to change out a good, but redundant shooter, for a quick slasher to drive and kick, and maybe draw some fouls.

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I think Lin

I think Lin for a few reasons. The pressure that Lin can put on a defense will be amplified by the Rockets move to incorporate a pick and roll heavy half court set. Lin is better at attacking the paint which forces hard switches and hedges out of the p&r, which will open up Dwight for open rolls or switched mismatches. Plus, I feel that Lin had a rough year last year (and wasn't bad) and will only improve in what is really only his 2nd full year. I like Beverly as a change of pace 6th man who can pressure the ball full court and really cause havoc on d.

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The Rockets could use more

The Rockets could use more scoring off the bench, so I guess my answer would be to start Beverley. Beverley doesn't need the ball as much to be effective and although he was never known for his spot up shooting, shot the ball really well from 3 last yr and has started off the preseason on fire from deep. Harden can be a bit of a sieve on defense too, so Beverley's presence could make up for that a little. He's got the length to switch onto some quicker SGs if needed. Off the bench, Lin could be the primary ball-handler and be the offensive captain of the 2nd unit.

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I'd bring Beverley off the

I'd bring Beverley off the bench as an executioner. Any time you need a star player taken out put him in. Dirty player, he goes for the crotch more than anyone I've ever seen.

Lin brings positive publicity, Beverley brings negative publicity. From a business standpoint Lin is an easy pick for starter.

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The true point guard of the

The true point guard of the offense is James Harden regardless of who else is on the floor. I think it will all depend on which player ends up complementing Harden the most. I would give Lin one more chance because he could be very effective running the pick and roll with Dwight Howard. He must become a more efficient offensive player if he wants to keep his job. He turns the ball over too much and doesn't shoot well enough from 3 point land IMO.

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I don't think it matters that

I don't think it matters that much who starts. A lot depends on matchups and certain situations. I think you just keep Lin starting while giving Beverly heavy minutes off the bench and possibly allowing him to close games out. There is no reason why they can't both get starter type minutes or close to it. As long as they are both okay with their roles and McHale uses them in the right ways then they should both be good this year.

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