Who Is Pulling Media Strings in Los Angeles?

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Who Is Pulling Media Strings in Los Angeles?

For months we’re hearing about the imminent firing of Luke Walton. Suddenly, the media’s direction has changed in the past four days. But why and who benefits?

Day 1: A report that says Walton still has many Laker personnel on his side

Day 2: A report that Magic Johnson speech to the team about “not babying” Lakers was demoralizing

Day 3: A report that says other executives won’t take Rob Pelinka’s calls.

So, who made these articles happen?

Option 1: Walton. He hires a PR firm to get him positive publicity. He keeps his job. Possible.

Option 2: LeBron. He and his PR team see Johnson/Pelinka as a liability. They caused uproar in the league, now people won’t deal with them, and a different GM & president would get a star to LA without the embarrassment. Since Magic brought LeBron to LA this would be quite cold-hearted on LeBron’s part. So, possible.

Option 3: Other GM’s. They’re tired of the tampering. However, fighting in the press would do little to persuade Jeanie Bus to oust them. Unlikely.

Option 4: Jeanie Buss. She’s been a vocal supporter of Walton’s. She might be trying to ease Laker fans about the firing of Rob Pelinka. But you can’t fire Magic Johnson. He’s Magic Johnson. He’s bigger than basketball. But if you just fire Pelinka, you’re not fixing the problem. I don’t see how you’d pull off getting rid of Magic. Still, I think she’s the most likely source.

Option 5: The media. Now that LA is out of contention, they need to focus on the the youth movement: the part Walton has done best with. Possible.

Option 6: I have too much time on my hands.

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Great post

I was actually thinking the same thing. But, I think Walton is still the one on the hot seat. Think about it... Jeanie Buss is the only one who could fire Magic. She will NEVER fire Magic. Pelinka? So far he is on the same page as Magic, so yeah he could get fired but at this time it is unlikely due to his backing from Magic. And then Walton... he is the guy on the hot seat, so I think of the three Lakers people mentioned he is the most likely to get canned.

I actually think that it is option #5. The L.A. media and media in general can only bash Walton for so long before the story gets stale. The media is simply rotating through the Lakers cast of characters to maintain the negative media energy and keep people interested.

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ESPN's latest headline.

ESPN's latest headline. "Lebron is a terrible teammate, kills locker rooms".

How can they upload something like this to YouTube. Just trash. Didnt watch the video but it was very upsetting. So subjective just garbage clickbait.

Even if Lebron was not there they still would have made that offer to acquire Davis. Pehaps New Orleans wouldve accepted. Lakers management obviously wanted Lebron to help recruit him. Even if in this one scenerio he did kill the chemistry it should not be considered a fact that in any situation he is in he kills lockerooms. I mean look at the facts the team he is on is garbage. Why wouldnt he ask for help he's the best player in the world.

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