Who has a brighter future

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Who has a brighter future

When you look at the last 2 drafts their was serious potential star power in both classes. Taking the rest of the team aside who has the brightest future.

The Chicago Bulls might not have the flashiest names but markkanen And carter Have potential to be a deadly duo. Markkanen can spread the floor and carter can grab a lot of second chance opportunities and lobs. I know neither screams all star but they deserve to be on the list.

The mavs have potential with Smith Jr and Doncic. I’m not one of them but many people believe smith could be the best player out of his draft class. The same can be said about doncic. One is super athletic the other super talented. They have the potential one day to be the best back court in the NBA.

The Suns went in a different direction. Used the 1 pick on Ayton who has the skills to be an all star one day. They gambled on Josh Jackson and it hasn’t panned out yet but he showed glimpses of why they drafted him over guys like smith and fox.

The Kings landed Fox last year and Bagley this year. Unlike the mavs who went guard guard and the suns center forward they went traditional a talented big and a talented guard. Fox didn’t impress me last year but he didn’t do anything that makes me think he won’t improve. I’m a huge bagley fan and think he will be a force for years to come.

I know nothing about the magic but Bamba and Issac are another duo. Unlike everyone else they went big, Big.

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Time will tell but right now

Time will tell but right now I think that, because of Ayton, you'd have to say the Suns have the brightest future of any of those teams.

If he's a Davis/Towns/Embiid level guy, then the Suns basically have two all-stars (Ayton and Booker), a big-time 3rd scorer (Warren), and one of the game's best glue guys (Ariza). And that's not even mentioning whatever Jackson and Bridges turn into (which could totally be all-star level as well), or whatever Brandon Knight still brings to the table.

That's a really, really stacked roster!

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I agree Phoenix would be my

I agree Phoenix would be my pick as well.

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I'm most excited to see

I'm most excited to see Carter and Markkanen playing together. I think they could be an outstanding duo.

I really want to see Doncic against NBA level competition since I've really only seen highlights of him.

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Well, thee team wth the best

Well, thee team wth the best player will likely have the best future.
Mavs doesn't have much of a young core right now, DSJ had a decent rookie year, Brunson might turn out good but their future depends on how Luka turns out
If he is the international phenomena we were promised then we have a bright future ahead.

Bulls has 2 great prospects and I like them both, and quite frankly both were very high on my big board for the Mavs during last 2 drafts. But is Lauri a great scorer or just a good starting stretch PF? is WCJ a new Al Horford?

Just too many unkowns, I would put the Suns just because we know how good is Devin Booker is. but pretty much any of those teams could turn to be the one with the best future depending on how their talents develops

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I was just about to write the

I was just about to write the same thing. Of these teams, Suns are the only one that has a proven young talent in Booker outside of the draft picks that were mentioned. I like Smith and Luka but they dont have a clear path to add high-level front court talent to build with these guys.

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I agree with PHX being one of

I agree with PHX being one of the most exciting and up and coming young teams in the league, if even half of their young guys reach their potential they'll be a force in the West.

But I really like the Lauri/WCJ frontcourt, both players are much more versatile than they're given credit for. People have to remember that Lauri wasn't even supposed to see the floor much his rookie season, so lasy yr ws definitely an eye opener to a lot of people around the league. The Bulls are REALLY high on him and I am too, think can be a 25ppg scorer. He just has to find his in-between game the way Dirk mastered his

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The magic lack a long term

The magic lack a long term point guard who will get the most out of their picks, when they eventually acquire one that might change everything. For now, I'd bet on the Mav's because of the Doncic hype. Between them and the Suns, it's good that even the bad teams in the league the last couple years are starting to look exciting.

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Suns landing that #1 pick was Huge!

All of Pro sports is a copy cat League & I luv the emphasis on Ball movement & space b/c of the 3pt shot but we'll Never see another Golden State Warriors

Teams that Combine the elements of the Modern game w/ Gigantic Athletic freaks will have a Massive advatage in the Post Dubs NBA landscape in 5 years --- the 76ers were a 10 win team just 2 short years ago & they are an NBA record +42 in Wins since then & are tied for 3rd in Vegas Win projections for next season

Phoenix is poised to do Major damage & if they keep their Cap in order the warm weather & proximity to Vegas & So Cal will be a big Draw. Ayton is no Embiid or Gobert of Defense but he will be a Force on Offense & a Great Big opens So much space for teammates -- Booker is going to have a Field Day! And Jackson - who was No reach at #4 - Jackson was rated the #3 or #4 pick after Fultz, Ball & Tatum but No one ever thought Jackson would score like Tatum --- Jackson is an athletic freak, Great leadership qualities who can Lock down a Wing in open space on the perimeter & is a great finisher in transition - people are holding JJ to unrealistic standards - Ayton & Booker will provide all the scoring Phoenix needs - Jackson will be a great player but u gotta give these guys time to develop

I know it's Tempting to Jump on Dallas & I luv what they did considering they drafted at #9 & #5 in the last 2 Drafts - they landed to outstanding players who will pull them back into the playoffs in a few years - but both DSJ & Doncic are sub 35% 3pt shooters who lack the size in DSJ's case & athleticism in Doncic's case to ever win Titles - the NBA is Very cruel in that way - it is by far the hardest of the Major American sports Leagues to win Titles - but I LUV the signing of Defensive Stalwart & Pick & Roll stud Jordan away from the Clippers & the Navs will be a Fun team to watch for a long time & w/ Harrison Barnes as their Top scorer all these pieces Fit

I like what the Kings are doing - Sam Hinkie tore them to pieces in that famous "Hinkie Heist" just think w/o that trade the Kings pick #3 in 2017 & land either Tatum, Fultz or Ball & still have their 2019 Lottery pick which could be the #1 pick! --- but don't give up on Fox - he's an outstanding young PG who will never be a great shooter but he's unstoppbale off the dribble & as he develops will be a terrific PG on a rapidly developing team of athletic freaks. Harry Giles & Bagley w/ Fox will be a force in the years to come & they'll open up space for Buddy Hield who very quietly shot 43% from 2pt range last season! - Vlade got hosed by Hinkie but to his credit he Learned from it & has done a proper Rebuild since

I like what Chicago did in the last 2 Drafts grabbing 2 outstanding players at the 4/PF & 5/C spots in Markennan & Carter & they will fit together well. Hopefullly the Bulls see some growth from Dunn & Lavine & they have some Hope & excitement going for the fan base

Orlando has a similar situation in that they have 2 Very exciting young players at the 4/PF & 5/C spots in Bamba & Isaac - they are Incredibly long & athletic - I don't know that they'll score at first but they will defend at a High level & both can shoot the 3 - so Orlando now must fill out the rest of their future Starting 5 by thinking about trading Vucevik & Gordon for picks or young talent

There's a Lot of exciting young talent in the NBA & some NBA teams Rebuilding in the right direction

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I'd go with Dallas. I think

I'd go with Dallas. I think Dennis Smith Jr. is somehow still kind of underrated. One of my favorite players in the league and is going to make a second-year leap. Doncic will fit in nicely, and DeAndre Jordan will provide shot-blocking that they haven't had in awhile, and Barnes is a steady, reliable scorer. I don't think they'll make the playoffs, but of the teams you've listed, they're my favorite.

I'm not high on the Bulls at all. I don't think Kris Dunn will ever be in the top half of NBA PGs, Zach LaVine jumps high but has never shot good percentages, Markkanen is soft, and Wendell Carter Jr. looks ok, but will never be an All-Star. The only player on this team that I'm really high on is Bobby Portis Jr., who was very productive last year.

The Kings seem doomed to perpetually have talent on the roster but never learn how to win. They have not gone .500 since 2006; 12 years! Bagley seems ok, but I don't think he's rare or transcendent enough to change that kind of losing momentum.

Phoenix will pick in the top five again next year, that's for sure.

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As a Suns fan I'm a bit

As a Suns fan I'm a bit biassed but we already have an established scorer in Booker and of any of the teams mentioned. we have the highest drafted guy in Ayton. If one of Bender or Jackson can come off we have a good future.

The Kings have so many young guys and maybe a bit of quantity over quality but a lot of their future success will depend on Bagley and Fox. Not having their pick next year might really hurt tyhem too.

The Magic have had a slew of high picks but the main core of Gordon, Isaac and Bamba will need time and they have their backcourt to sort out.

The Mavs are perhaps hardest to predict with Doncic yet to play in the NBA but if he lives up to his potential paired with Smith and DeAndre Jordan the Mavs have a nice core. But if Jordan moves on and they lose a good pick next year things may not be so bright.

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I remember when my Wolves

I remember when my Wolves were in the running for teams with arguably the most potential, now look as them lol

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