Who else is "in" with me on denver this season?

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Who else is "in" with me on denver this season?

I know the western conference is completely loaded. I know Denver has narrowly missed the playoffs the past 2 years. I know their are questions surrounding their defense. I know Mike Malone is somewhat unproven as a head coach. But the more I think about this team, the more I like them to have a real good season this year.

For starters, Nikola Jokic is extraordinarily unique. He is one of the greatest passing big men ever, can shoot the lights out of the ball from all over the court, and is a terrific rebounder. I think he's a near lock to make his first all star team this year & will post huge numbers.

Moving on, Paul Millsap only played in 38 games last season due to his wrist injury. By far a career low. IMO, Millsap completely changes the complexion of this team on the defensive end. Their team defense rank improved from 30th in 2017, to 19th in 2018..... and that's with Millsap missing over 40 games. I am expecting his offense to regress a little, but there is no reason to believe he can't average 15pts, 7rebs, 3assists while providing excellent defense on the interior.

Jamal Murray. I really, really, really like Jamal Murray..... and feel he's a terrific fit in the backcourt with Jokic. He doesn't need to be the primary facilitator, can shoot the hell out of the ball off the catch & now effectively off the dribble. He's more explosive than given credit for, and shot 90% from the line. His defense sucks, but at least he has the physical profile & size to compete on that end of the floor.

Will Barton. Yes he got paid this offseason..... but I still feel he's underrated in league circles. This guy can score, distribute & rebound very well for 2-3 combo. I personally think he should start at the 3 for this team. Yes he's a little small, but his rebounding prowess and quick twitch athleticism should make him passable.

Lastly, Isaiah Thomas had a bad year last season But, he looked a little better in a Lakers uniform & has said that he's over his injury woe's due to his 2017 hip surgery. He is a massive upgrade over Emmanuel Mudiay, and having a reserve lineup of Thomas / Lyles / Hernangomez / Plumlee is one of the best reserve quartets in the league.

I didn't even mention Gary Harris, who is a fringe top-10 shooting guard in the league today also.

I think Denver is loaded with potential, and has a high upside (win loss record wise) this season. If they do make the playoffs, there's a good chance they'll be ousted in the first round regardless of seeding. A normal right of passage for a young, up and coming team. But this team was 15-26 on the road last year, and now that their youngins' are 1 season more mature, and a healthy Milsap is joining them for the year, I could see them being a near .500 team on the road...... which translates to them having a 6-7 win improvement. Their home court advantage due to the altitude will always work in their favor too. That could put them at 52 wins, and near home court advantage.

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I love their depth. I think

I love their depth. I think they're going to miss Chandler more than they think.They were 1 game from making playoffs last season. Denver has a lot of talented players. But who is their Leader? Jokic is their best player. But he doesn't have the personality to be that vocal leader. Millsaps might lead by example. Will the young players listen to Newcomer Thomas? He ticked off teammates in both LA & Cleveland.

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Denver is a talented team

Denver is a talented team hopefully a few more key guys can make a big jump to get them into the playoffs. They could become dominate in a few years if health and player development go their way.

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With Cleveland and Houston falling off, I think Denver's continuity will lead them to being the #2 offense in the league with a chance at being the #1 if Golden State performs lazily. I think that they will win 50 games and get the 4 or 5 seed depending on Russell Westbrook's health (Ihave a little more faith in Utah's O than Denver's D).

They seem like a prime candidate to make one more move with their excessive depth at the 4 between Lyles, Hernangomez, and Porter, in addition to that awful Plumlee contract. Hopefully they will find a 3/4 combo (unless Porter is healthy, though he is a 4 long term) or a more defensive minded center. They don't really have a defensive anchor to play while IT3 is in the game, I honestly think Monte Morris might be a better fit for this team considering their defensive deficiencies. More Millsap and more IT3 probably means they stay about the same in defense, but the number 2 offense and number 19 defense should be good for 49-52 wins.

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If they start defending I'd

If they start defending I'd back you up but I just dont see that happening. Improving to 19th defensive rank is great on paper but they had some nights were the defensive effort was nonexistint and didnt passd the eyetest throughout the season.

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I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you say except for one thing, that is, Paul Millsap.

I don't know how you look at the collective defensive numbers, because there's different ways of doing it, but to me the most important parameter is the "defensive rating" and that parameter says, that Denver's defense is the nº 25 in the league which is not much better than the 29th of the year before.

To me, that means that Millsap not only does not improve at all Denver's defense but what is worse, he doesn't fit well with the rest of the players and the style of the team, because he "eats" a lot of space, slows the movement of the ball and the pace of the team and "steals" shots from Jokic and Murray preventing their absolute blooming and therefore preventing the team to reach its maximum expression.

I think that Denver should get rid of Millsap, which won't happen because no team will want that contract, but i think that before trade line they will try, because i believe that Millsap is actually what holds Denver to play much faster and win more games.

This year Denver should aim at being the nº1 offensive team in the league, as they have the tools to achieve that:

. Jokic, Murray, Harris and Barton are not only great offensive players but actually they are also very efficient shooters, which is something not many teams have, especially considering the amount of triples they shoot, and with the addition of I.Thomas this team should just outscore 95% of the teams in the league.

Denver will be so fun to watch and will make the playoffs, but unfortunately they won't go far as today in order to win in playoffs you need to be a top defensive team, but well you know not every team can win the championship...

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Depends on what you see Murray as...

I like Denvers Roster however there is two things that make me go they are 1 move away from being on the legit rise in the WC.

The first core move is this: What is Jamal Murray? Is he a s.g or p.g and is he a legit starter or 6th man that could come drop 30 for you.

The second thing is this do they make big move for starting caliber P.G if you don't believe he is your P.G or S.G for example Jamal Murray,Paul Millsap and something else for Dame lillard/Someone of that level?

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Denver have good depth and

Denver have good depth and like the post Melo team under George Karl don't have a clear standout superstar. They would have likely made the play offs if Millsap had stayed sound so if he can play 70 plus games and Ish Thomas has something to prove. I could see them being play off bound. But with the West so loaded I don't see them really progressing in play offs.

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I'm definitely high on Denver

I'm definitely high on Denver and I think the way theyre curerntly built is good for the future as well and I think theyll potentially pile up close to 50 wins even in the tough as nails west.... however I don't think theyre talented defensively enough yet to put anything together in the playoffs

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Denver has a lot of good

Denver has a lot of good players that are young, but just because they're young it doesn't mean that they will all develop into star or even All-Star players. Who on Denver's roster (besides Jokic) will make the All-Star team in the West in the near future?

Besides that, they are a somewhat undersized team that doesn't have an interior defensive presence (ranked 25th in opp pts in paint) and turns the ball over way too much to be a serious contender (ranked 24th). The Millsap signing was supposed to help that but feels like the time the Bulls signed Ben Wallace to be the defensive presence to take their young team over the hump; he wasn't a good fit either and changed the offensive flow.

I agree with others that a consolidation trade would do this team a lot of good, especially if Porter can come back healthy and shows he is a building block

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