Who do you want your team(s) to draft?

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As a laker fan i want the

As a laker fan i want the best player avaliable. we will get a vet pg in free agency so we dont need to draft one, besides rookies tend to have a hard time learning the triangle. but if the best player avaliable is a a pg then snatch him up

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I think the Lakers should

I think the Lakers should look to select Mikhail Torrence from Alabama. He would be as perfect a fit in the triangle as any PG in this draft.

I want Philly to get Evan Turner. Hopefully they don't trade Iguodala to the T'Wolves or any of these retarded teams he's been rumored to go to.

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Retarded teams? My T-Wolves

Retarded teams?

My T-Wolves are sp-sp-sp-special.

Tobe Bryant
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I really hope the Lakers can snag Willie Warren, Lance Stephenson, Torrance, or even Dominique Jones

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Andre 6000

What about the 2nd(Turner) and L.Will for T'Wolves 4th(Cuzo or Favors..) and the 16th(X Man Henry) and possibly the 23rd(Babbit or Haywood)

Iggy and J.Smith for Camby/Rudy and the 22nd pick( You name the guy)

We'd get 5 to 6 players for Turner and Iggy...Camby/Rudy instant role players/starters and the picks of Favors or Cuz makes it look great...X could become starter in year one and has big upside...two extra picks in the 20's make this a steal...

If we hold tight and keep the pick its Turner or Favors( He Jrue could be the Payton Kemp)

I'd love to offer Iggy for the 4th and 16th picks...Wes Johnson is not better than Iggy and will never be...drafting another PF top 5 makes the Wolves look even more foolish..Iggy and their other picks would due until they trade Bi Al or Love(Utah get him for their top 10 pick if Monroe is still on the board, much better fit than Love) I think they'll keep their 23rd pick and draft Donatas the Euro(stash him for year and Bring Him,Ricky and Pekovic over to Run with Flynn,Iggy,Monroe,Al J and Darko...

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PG with the 43rd pick- Mikhail Torrance,Scottie Reynolds, or Jerome Randle to back up Kyle Lowry
With the 58th pick- Omar Samhan to backup Pau next season.
We could also try to trade Luke Walton for one of the Twolves 2nd round picks- with that pick I would draft Hobson or Stephenson if available

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