Who is better; aaron gordon or andrew wiggins?

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Who is better; aaron gordon or andrew wiggins?

Andrew Wiggins was the consensus #1 prospect from the 2014 draft. Last year he took a little bit of a step back on the stat sheet...... but the physical tools & raw talent are still there for him to be a top 5-8 player at his position.

Aaron Gordon had his best season yet playing the PF spot full time last year, but he really faded down the stretch...... especially from the three point line. Guy was scorching hot to begin the 2017 campaign...... but his late season struggles call into question his ability to be a #1 or even #2 option on good / decent team for an entire season. His game is very predicated on speed and athleticism today.

So, if you had to put money on it....... which player do you think will ultimately have the better career between these two? Will either of them have any all-star appearances? Will either be a top 2 scoring option on a playoff team?

Today I have more questions than answers, but their physical gifts should give them plenty of opportunities to shine if they prove to be more efficient players.


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The Mind is the General & the Body is the Army that follows

Wiggins has ridiculous Raw Talent that should make him a Super Star but he gets by on raw ability & he lacks that Kobe, MJ, Lebron ruthless ambition to be great

Aaron Gordon is not as talented as Wiggins but Gordon gets better every single year & he doesn't rely on only his considerable raw talents - he works hard to add to his game

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Gordon definitely took some

Gordon definitely took some strides last season, but I still view him as sort of a tweener. I think he is definitely better playing the 4 (particularly on offense), but the way Orlando seems to be building their roster suggests he will be spending a significant amount of time at the 3. I just don’t think he has enough creativity off the dribble and his shot isnt really consistent enough to thrive in that role. While he has improved a lot since his rookie season and I think he will continue to, I just have questions about the overall direction of the franchise and whether he will ever really be utilized to his full potential there.

I think Wiggins kind of got lost last season with the presence of a high usage wing in butler that forced him to completely change the way he plays. As I’ve stated before, I think he has kind of been burdened with some pretty lofty expectations and has struggled somewhat to live up to them. He seems to have the physical tools and ability to be an elite player on both ends, but his effort on d is inconsistent at best and he hasn’t really expanded his offensive game as much as hoped.

In a vacuum, I still like Wiggins long-term potential more and I see more of a path for him to develop into a truly elite player. If you are just asking who is better right now though, I’d say it’s pretty even.

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Aaron Gordon is better to me.

Aaron Gordon is better to me.

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I think that Wiggins will be

I think that Wiggins will be the better scorer and Aaron Gordon a far better two-way player.

Offensively I see Wiggins ceiling around that of DeMar DeRozan, he is still very young and developing his game - I think getting out of Minnesota maybe the best thing for him.

Aaron Gordon is a solid 2-way player with huge upside as a defensive player. He could guard 3,4 & some 5's as well as be a solid 2nd option or really good 3rd option.

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Gordon being a 2 way player

Gordon being a 2 way player is a myth. He hasn't been a good defender since he's been in the league. Sure, he has potential to eventually become a good defender, but so does Wiggins. I guess you can say he plays hard so he has the better chance to become one, but he'd also have to overcome his softness as a 4, and bad footwork/tendency to overcommit as a wing.

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Gordon..he seems to have a

Gordon..he seems to have a workout and plays hard every play and night. Wiggins lack the Passion.

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Even though I just made a

Even though I just made a thread about Wiggins lost potential and a possible fresh start, I'm starting to think that hes going to be 38 on the bench and were still going to be like MAN THIS GUY HAS SUCH A HIGH CEILING IF HE EVER GETS A WORK ETHIC OOOO BOYYYYY LOOOK OUTTT

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