Who Is Alone in the Green Room

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Who Is Alone in the Green Room

Who is your guess as to the one who falls and sits alone in the Green Room on draft night? I'm not sure how many will be in the Green Room to start the night.

My guess would be Victor Oladipo. I realize he likely will not be the last as there will likely be in there will likely be enough players invited so he is not the last but he is my pick to fall further then many might suspect. Not a reason why but someone is always that player that for unknown reasons falls.

My last guy in the green room guess would be Shane Larkin. Again no reason why just has to be someone.

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I think we should at least

I think we should at least wait until the list comes out...

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could be shabazz or schroeder

could be shabazz or schroeder or olynyk

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I Read that So Far 7 Green

I Read that So Far 7 Green Room Invites have went out..And those early invites went to:

1.Anthony Bennett
2.Alex Len
3.Ben McLemore
4.Nerlens Noel
5.Trey Burke
6.Victor Oladipo
7.Otto Porter

I guess those guys were the 7 consensus among the 30 teams...7 or 9 more invites will go out...Normally there are 14 to 16 Green Room Invites..Last year Sullinger who was expected to be a lottery pick,he didnt get an invite to the Green Room and he fall in the draft....Shabazz might get an invite and could slip in the draft....Even though i feel he's going to be 1 of the better players from this draft....

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I think Burke might drop, but

I think Burke might drop, but I doubt he gets past Utah or Milwaukee

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Ill prolly get negged for

Ill prolly get negged for this but I think Noel drops due to his injuries and the fact that he is rail thin and teams may not be to sure how much weight he can add. He won't slip out the lottery for sure but I think he may drop more then people think since there is always a players that seems to drop in every draft and then some smart franchise always gets them as a value pick.

And although I like Bennett I can also seem him dropping due to not working out and people may not be sure if he is a tweener in a good sense where he can play 2 positions fairly well or a tweener that has no position

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I could see Noel dropping

I could see Noel dropping too. Especially if he doesn't go to Cavs (1st pick) or Orlando (2nd pick).

He might drop more than any "likely top pick" in a long time.

There are about 6 or 7 guys who look like they will go high, but they could go anywhere in the top 10.

If I were drafting Noel I would sit him out most of the year. Let him completely rehab the knee and get into basketball shape. He could also work on shooting.

The smart thing to do might bet to take Nerlens Noel, sit him the entire year, and tank the season to try to get Andrew Wiggins. It's a superstar league and I don't see any superstar in this draft. However, Wiggins could be one.

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JoeWolf1 : Any reason for

JoeWolf1 : Any reason for your thoughts that Burke may drop?

My guess would be Shabazz.

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I don't see Burke dropping

I don't see Burke dropping below the Pelicans, especially if Otto Porter and Alex Len are off of the board.

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