While this is just a rumor

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While this is just a rumor

Knicks are said to have an intrest in wall. Of course it would be the most Knicks thing to do. However ther is no denying that him and Washington may not be a good fit. Could be a win win as Washington would keep Beal who has more value in my mind. My question is would it be a good deal for Washington and the Knicks.


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That does sound like a

That does sound like a classic Knicks deal. I doubt it happens unless Dolan has decided to interfere. I think Scott Perry wouldn't want to force a deal like this when the team simply isn't in a position to win at the moment

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If (and that's a big if) Wall

If (and that's a big if) Wall starts playing like a top 30 player again, this would actually be an OK deal for me. His value is at an all-time low and banking on free agents to come and sign for the Knicks is no bueno, as we've seen in 2016 and 2017.

This could be a good way of getting an all-star type of player in his prime without having to sacrifice anything but cap space. His contract is bad, but it's not terrible, unless he suddenly forgot how to play. Get him in shape, get him to buy in (which I'm sure Fiz will do) and you could get yourself a heck of a no. 2 option alongside Porzingis through his age 33 season, which is the back end of his prime. Maybe all he needs is a change of scenery, don't remember him having any sort of career-threatening injuries.

I would rather do that than pay someone like Terry Rozier, D'Angelo Russell or Kris Dunn 20+ mil. in 2019 or 2020, even if I like some of these players. We're gonna see contracts even worse than those handed out in 2016.

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This is one of those you wait until...

This is one of those if I had to trades...

If I was the Knicks I would at least wait until the deadline so you don't get to high in the draft and still get a high first round pick 1-10 range..

Personally I wouldn't go for Wall unless you somehow believe you can get him back to 2010-2013 shape..A change of scenery may help him press reset but it may not and then you end up with a Melo situation all over again..Where you are capped out with average players..However this move would maybe help you get Boogie for a reasonable price(assuming he looks ok in GSW you might go after him)...So if a core of Boogie,KP,Wall and their picks/rookies is appealing you maybe make this move

If I was the GM though I would wait until 2-3 seasons before I go big name hunting clear out all those bad deals done by Phil,Get a couple of high picks and then somehow...Hope you get the right names when your core is maturing and you will have a longer period of success...

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The only future the Knicks

The only future the Knicks have is through first rounders, yet they continually draft guys they won't wait on or just trade the pick itself

You could probably highlight the top 20 worst contracts and the top ten stars on the decline and without a gap of more than ab out 18 months in every 3 years, they'll have one off each list and be without their first rounder, one way or the other

Heres my current "New York top 10", they'll have at least one of these guys on their books in the next 18 months - John Wall Reggie Jackson Chris Paul Chandler Parsons George Hill Hassan Whiteside Serge Ibaka Paul Millsap Andrew Wiggins Andre Iguodala

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If the Knicks can buy low on

If the Knicks can buy low on John Wall they should go for it.

He and KP MIGHT be something special -- and that has ALWAYS been the New York Knicks' currency -- HOPE.

Then you have 3 rookies who seem like they could fit right in with that Wall-Porzingas core: Knox, Trier, and Mitchell Robinson.

Yeah, I am rolling the dice on Wall, Trier, Knox, Porzingas, and Mitchell Robinson.

Will Frank Whatever His Name is plus Kanter and two 2nd round picks get it done? Who knows... but the Knicks should try.

I think in today's league you need scoring and explosiveness and even more scoring. You need an IDENTITY. The starting five needs an IDENTITY. Then you need a serviceable 6th man (I would almost go with an instant-energy guy right off then bench than a high volume chucker in that role). Then a five man MASH Unit Bench Mob. 5 dudes that can scrap, defend, rebound some, take hard fouls, and burn minutes off the clock. My 11th man is the chucker/3 point shooter, with my 12th man being a retro/old school style hatchet man. Somebody who knows who Rick Mahorn, Kurt Rambis, and Greg Kite are. 13th man: best 2 way player on the roster.

Yeah, gimme a starting five of Wall, Trier, Knox, Porzingas, and Mitchell Robinson with Ron-Ron (Baker) as the nominal 6th man.

Oops, forgot about Tim Hardaway, Jr.

Switch out Trier for Hardaway Jr. in the starting lineup.

Use Trier in the bench mob unit as the binge scorer. Give him the green light.

Lance Thomas makes for a solid 9th man. Now, go out and get your 8th man.

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Still say Pistons

Should go get Wall. Trade anything not named Griffith or Drummond. Lewt me start by saying I abhor the Pistons and the organization in general. But that team has two really good big men and None zero guard play they actually have a negative in Reggie Jackson. who hurts more than helps his team. Id hate to see the Pistons thrive but this would do it.

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Ntilikina Lee and Dotson for Wall?

Even if you gotta throw in one of Knox, or Robinson, or this years pick in you make that deal. Next year youll have KP back and tons of cap space. Past mistakes and free agency signings cant be taken into consideration with their current situation. You make the move that helps you compete short term and longterm and no player on this years team or in the 5-15 range of next years draft has the assumed potential of John Walls current and longterm production. They havent been in the playoffs for 5 years in the East, lets get it together New York.

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I laughed off the rumor, but

I laughed off the rumor, but I then gave it a second thought. I guess it would depend to what extent the Knicks love Tim Hardaway Jr. and the regard in which Washington holds Hardaway (and maybe the teams can find a third team to get involved if they like Hardaway) and Frank Ntikikina. If the Knicks could essentially consolidate the money owed to Courtney Lee, Frank Ntilikina, and Tim Hardaway (combined to $35.8 million in 2019-20) and then take Wall's $37.8 million as well as the expiring deal of Austin Rivers, I think they would consider it. Once Porzingis gets his second contract, it is going to be hard to find a great deal of cap space, especially if they also sign a max-ish free agent next summer. If the are just carrying Wall, Dotson, Trier, Robinson, Knox, as well as the Porzingis restricted free agency hold, then theywon't necessarily be in an especially different spot in free agent searching. It won't make the back years of Wall's extension look better, but if the essence of the deal is Wall for Hardaway and the future money doesn't impact the summer of 2019 the rumor is less nuts than I initially thought.

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